Now is the time to change your diet. Make 2021 all about healthy eating.

What a year 2020 has been, taking us from the confines of our homes in lockdown to living restricted lives within the tier structure. We have been given the time, though, to reflect on the day-to-day, what we do and don’t need and how to improve our lifestyles.

Alongside home schooling, getting used to fitness classes and meetings on Zoom, people have rediscovered the joys of home cooking, For many, it has provided solace and people have enjoyed menu planning and food preparation. The money you can save; how home-cooked food tastes so much better and most importantly, the positive impact it can have on your waistline. That said and done, there are, however, more ways to streamline your menus, whether you’re cooking for one, two or a family.

Recipe boxes

The subscription rate for recipe boxes certainly grew in lockdown exponentially and ever since, but if you haven’t yet ventured into this type of food shopping, take a minute to find out why it could be the answer for feeding your family.

Healthy Meals

First off, all the thinking ahead and meal planning is done for you and you can start to eat healthily from the arrival of your first box. Another plus, you’ll reduce food waste as you’re sent the exact amount of ingredients you need to feed the people in your household. They’re generous portions and you certainly don’t feel hungry. Come the end of a meal, you’ll have clean plates and happy faces around you.

You won’t waste time supermarket shopping and in turn, you’ll reduce your exposure to other people during these tricky Covid times.

If you’re looking for weight loss, recipe boxes are the answer. Given the food is delivered to your door, there are no sneaky trips to the supermarket with the temptation to pick up impulse buys, such as chocolates, biscuits or crisps.

The UK's #1 Recipe Box

Mindful Chef is the recipe box scheme with legions of happy customers, with 100,000 active subscribers. But what are the qualities that sets this brand apart? The company sends out a staggering number of boxes every week, making healthy eating easy and accessible with its fresh and nutritious recipes delivered to your doorstep with the frequency you require. The company ensures that each meal is not only delicious, but packed with flavour and nutrients. They also offer gluten free and vegan options.

Each recipe contains up to ten ingredients and can be prepared in thirty minutes, some in less time. In fact it really couldn’t be simpler to rustle up such easy suppers. Getting your five a day has never been easier.

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Sign up to Mindful Chef today and get £10 off your first and second box. Start 2021 with good intentions to build a healthier lifestyle.

All recipes can be cooked in under thirty minutes and have less than eight steps, the recipe box that is designed to slot into your lifestyle, not get in the way of it. As boxes are insulated, produce will stay fresh for up to forty-eight hours so you don't even need to be in for delivery.

Mindful Chef’s focus is on good health and the founders explain, “Our approach is very simple, yet incredibly effective in helping you lead a healthier life. We believe in reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbs.

Fresh Ingredients

Mindful Chef recipes are low carb with no pasta, bread, white rice or dairy. Its boxes contain 25 per cent more protein than its competitors but it’s the ingredients that make all the difference. The company takes care to source some of the UK’s best produce: meat from Farmison, UK’s Butcher of the Year, poultry from Traditional Norfolk Poultry and fish from James Knight of Mayfair, who also supplies Buckingham Palace no less.

Customers who subscribe to these recipes boxes see visible health benefits, noting increased energy, clearer skin and more focus. In fact, Mindful Chef is so good at its menus and nutrition, it’s the Official Nutrition Partner to the English Institute of Sport helping the UK’s athletes prepare for major competitions.

You may well achieve weight loss without the highs and lows of fasting or crash-dieting: these boxes are designed to help you rethink your diet by encouraging you to eat food that will ultimately make you feel better about yourself. Imagine eating loads of nutritious vegetables and delicious home-made meals.

A weekly box contains two to five healthy recipes, with forty recipes to choose from each week using the freshest of ingredients. Mindful Chef is the only recipe box company that has six vegan recipes on offer every week. And what’s more there are no commitments, no contract and you can cancel any time. We like the fact that you can cook meals from different cuisines, food that you might not normally try at home. So you're not only getting the goodness, but you'll begin to push the boundaries on your cooking, opening up new horizons.

Giving Back

Since launching the company in 2015, it has been on a mission to give back and thus for every meal sold, Mindful Chef donates a school meal to a child living in poverty, with five million meals donated so far.

Environmental Impact

If you’re worried about waste, Mindful Chef has that in hand too, continually improving packaging and making it more environmentally friendly. Insulation and ice packs can be returned to them every four weeks.

What People Say

Over five million meals have been sold to more than 153,000 customers. Here's what some of their more famous customers say...

‘The meals are absolutely bursting with flavour, so so delicious.’ Fearne Cotton

‘The Net A Porter of food delivery services.’ Women'sHealth

‘Mindful Chef plant-based options are amazing.’ Tom Daley Olympian

The Recipes

So how about getting a taster for this food subscription box service by checking out the recipes on the website, there are over 800 of them. If you’re starting the New Year by improving your lifestyle, want to take part in Veganuary or meat-free Mondays, now is the time to begin your journey.

These are the twenty-one recipes that we’re lining up on our menu list that show the breadth of what to expect when you sign up to this food subscription box.

And if you wanted to whet your appetite even more, these are delicious recipe combos that caught our eye:

Sesame salmon, mango & spicy dressing | Butternut & lentil burger with mushroom sauce | Creamy veggie moussaka with green beans | Black chickpea and kale korma | Beef koftas with squash & quinoa salad | Tikka smoked tofu skewers with apple slaw | Pecan, peach & avocado chickpea salad | Tofu, avocado & spinach salad with tahini dressing | Smoked tofu jungle curry | Thaii pork meatballs in a courgetti soup

Get Started

Enjoy £10 off your first and second box from Mindful Chef. All there is to say is Bon Appetit and here’s to happy, healthy eating in 2021.

Created in partnership with Mindful Chef

By Team GWG
December 2020


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