What do you eat for breakfast on Christmas Day? Try one of these delicious recipes.

Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, a quick bite or a bells ‘n’ whistles feast, check out our best eight Christmas breakfast recipes.

The 25 December is not the time to hold back and, it appears, chefs worldwide have been busy concocting unapologetically festive breakfast recipes. Among the pots of coffee and bottles of Bucks Fizz, there will be mincemeat pancakes, smoked salmon and scrambled egg treats, cinammon pastries and cranberry granola on offer. Start your day as you mean to go on with these crowd-pleasing Christmas breakfast recipes.

Cranberry and Apricot Granola

Nigel Slater

Nigel Slater says that Christmas Day is the only time he makes a fuss over breakfast. On the great day, he has two breakfasts in his house; one early doors (coffee and toast) and a second, more gourmet, around 10am. We like the look of his warm toasted – surprisingly healthy – Cranberry and Apricot Granola recipe. The beauty with homemade granola is that you can throw in whatever dried fruits you like. Here, Nigel uses coarse rolled oats for his and adds hazelnuts, apricots, dried cherries, dried cranberries and golden sultanas.

Cinnamon Roll Wreath

The Spruce Eats

It’s a holiday so why not should start your day with something indulgent like a Cinnamon Roll Wreath? This recipe sounds more time consuming than it actually is. If you prep the yeast dough and twist it into shape the night before, all you’ll have to do on the morning is bake it for 25 minutes and wait for that beautiful cinnamon smell to fill the kitchen air. Ooh aah! Tear off a piece and enjoy. Need we say more?

Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon on Toasted Croissants

Gordon Ramsay

On 25 December in Gordon Ramsay’s house, the family tucks into Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon on Toasted Croissants. This recipe has become something of a family tradition on Christmas Day. It’s also garnered over 1.3million views on YouTube as we all follow suit. Season your croissants lightly with salt and pepper and toast both sides in a dry pan until they almost resemble a caramelized waffle. Twist the smoked salmon over the toasted croissant and add the rich and creamy scrambled eggs (don’t be shy on the butter). Serve with a glass of bubbles.

Gingerbread Waffles

Carlsbad Cravings

Looking for something quick and easy? It’s hard to beat these soft and fluffy gingerbread waffles which taste like gingerbread men and smell like Christmas. They are full of molasses, dark brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and spiked with pecans and cranberries. Drizzle these gingerbread waffles with sweet and tangy orange syrup. It doesn’t get much more Christmassy than that.

Winter Citrus Fruit Salad

Good Housekeeping

Don’t let Christmas Day get off to a merely ordinary start. In anticipation of overindulging at lunch and dinner later in the day, you may opt for a lighter breakfast but that needn’t mean eating the everyday norm; why not create an eye-catching fruit salad? This winter citrus fruit salad includes grapefruit, pomegranate seeds and a mix of oranges (blood, navel and Cara Cara). Drizzle the fruit with lime dressing and sprinkle with lime zest and a dollop of plain yoghurt. Pretty.

Christmas Pancakes

Lizzie Loves Healthy

One of our favourite things to serve in the morning has to be homemade pancakes. And, even better, we make the batter the day before ensuring they’re super quick and easy. The founder of Lizzie Loves Healthy has whipped up an inspired alternative to mince pies with her Christmas Pancakes recipe, which includes mincemeat. Lightly spiced with orange zest, ginger and cinnamon, we advise stacking ‘em high and drizzling with maple syrup, or – for a truly festive touch – brandy butter. These Christmas pancakes don’t disappoint.

Christmas Kedgeree Breakfast Tarts

Jamie Oliver

Want to show off? Feeling noble? Kedgeree is the breakfast of kings and will get any day started with a bang. You either love the salty, smoky, herby fish rice combo or you hate it. Jamie Oliver’s decadent recipe uses up leftover kedgeree to make individual breakfast tarts so you can make the bulk of this a day earlier and just put together the tarts on Christmas morning. Wholesome and hearty.

Perfect Eggs Benedict

Heston Blumenthal

Surely you deserve your favourite breakfast on Christmas Day and who doesn’t love a beautifully poached egg? Start off your day with Perfect Eggs Benedict using a tried-and-tested recipe by none other than Heston Blumenthal. The trick is to start with the freshest possible eggs you can find; when the white is firmer and less watery, it holds together better in the water. Toast your muffin till it’s crispy and add Jamon Iberico under the poached eggs for a melt-in-the-mouth moment. Win-win.

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By Annabel Jack
December 2019