Recipes that should be on your menu. Goodbye stodge, hello spring.

It might not feel like it all the time but we can safesly say that spring has officially sprung and with it the chance to enjoy a lighter, fresher menu of new season ingredients.

To celebrate, we’ve selected some top spring recipes from our favourite bloggers to give you added culinary inspiration – even if it is still raining buckets outside.

Rhubarb rice pudding by Sophie Dahl

If you are lucky enough to have rhubarb in your garden, you will no doubt see its emergence as a most welcome signal of spring. This recipe for rhubarb rice pudding from Sophie Dahl is deliciously creamy with the addition of rosewater adding a sweet delicate flavour to the dish. Serve it up after a hearty lamb roast one Sunday lunchtime and enjoy happy faces all round.

Slow Roast Lamb by The Londoner

We have been looking for a roast lamb recipe with a twist and this is surely it. A sticky, unctuous and extremely low-maintenance roast to drum up on a Sunday, this is an all-round winner for an informal lunch party with friends. Be sure to save some leftovers for a home-made shawarma wrap come supper-time.

Asparagus and pheasant egg salad by British Larder

Suffolk asparagus with a simple vinaigrette teamed with creamy asparagus mousse and a rich, oozy pheasant egg, our mouths are watering at the mere thought of it. Surely there can be no better way to celebrate the arrival of asparagus season than this?

Risotto Primavera by Riverford

The only limit to risotto is your imagination and you can use any seasonal spring vegetable you have to hand for a primavera. We love the herby addition of mint, dill and parsley in this recipe from Riverford - add a winning combination of asparagus, spring onions and broad beans and you have the ultimate dish of spring.

Twice-baked sour cream and chive potatoes by Martha Stewart

The chives slowly nudging their way sky-wards from the wet, muddy depths of your herb garden is a sure sign that spring is on its way. A true companion to eggs or potatoes, this tasty, comforting classic from Martha Stewart is a wonderful companion to meat or fish – or enjoyed on its own as an easy mid-week meal. Even better if you can cut the chives straight from your