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Designer Easter Eggs

Our pick of the poshest, most indulgent chocolate Easter eggs on the block.

Oeuf Tagli by Pierre Hermé

Created by pastry chef Pierre Hermé, this colourful collection of lacerated Easter eggs pays tribute to the images of Italian 20th century artist Lucio Fontana’s “Olii’ works. €130

Ostrich Egg by Hotel Chocolat

This life-sized ostrich egg comes with a tray of 27 chocolates including pralines, truffles, caramels, patisserie and more adding up to more than a kilo of chocolate. Try and share now. £75

Beaded Easter Egg by Godiva

Hide that Dairy Milk egg from Tesco, this showstopper comes in a beaded egg box to reveal individually-wrapped milk, dark and white chocolate Easter eggs. A table centerpiece to put others to shame. £45

Hand-painted honeycomb egg by Rococo

This beautifully hand-painted egg is inspired by one of Rococo’s best-selling artisan bars, a 40% cocoa creamy milk chocolate shell with crunchy honeycomb pieces. A crowd-pleaser. £26.25

The Candy-Box Egg by Alain Ducasse

Something a bit different, this easy to transport egg is flat like a box with an assortment of delicious chocolatey treats hidden away inside. €65

Dairy-free Egg by Booja Booja

Even the dairy, gluten and soya free can enjoy Easter with this Sea Salt Almond Truffle, a beautifully hand-painted creation that contains truffles for modern-day chocoholics. £24.95

Fondant Egg by Pierre Marcolini

Available exclusively in store, this posh chocolate egg is filled with 22 miniature eggs and 6 bells and caramel animals. “May have an adverse effect on activity in children,” says the website. £50

Balloon Egg by Artisan du Chocolat

Fly away into chocolate heaven with this fruit, white and milk chocolate balloon egg, complete with edible lace strings and assortment of ganache-filled mini eggs. £25