Here's a great list of 10 of the best vegan blogs out there. Check our plant-based recommended blogs for healthy recipes, lovely writing, and spectacular food.

Whether you are looking to go cold turkey (literally), or simply introduce more plant-based recipes into your weekly meal plan, we have curated the best vegan food blogs to seek out for the tastiest meat alternatives, vegan recipes and plant-based protein sources. The internet is full of options and advice, but we’ve narrowed it down to the nine we believe offer the best authority, knowledge, experience and, most importantly, recipes when it comes to vegan blogs. If you want to learn your tempeh from your tofu and how to DIY your own nut milk, we have the plant-based blogs for you to bookmark this summer.

Oh She Glows

Run by Canada-based author and blogger Angela Liddon, Oh She Glows has over 1m visits a month, all hankering after her vast range of home-cooked, healthy recipes, many of them gluten-free, too. The vegan food blog, launched in 2008 to chart Angela’s recovery from an eating disorder began with minimal cookery skills, no blogging experience and a desire to learn to create family-friendly meals that wouldn’t leave the avid meat-eaters in her family feeling left out. There’s a range of sweet and savoury dishes – with quick mid-week ideas, snacks and even drinks. A great resource for those starting out on their plant-based journey.

Deliciously Ella

Ella Mills’ Deliciously Ella website is a creative hub for all things plant-based. One of the original UK vegan blogs, Ella shares beautiful, easy to follow veggie-based recipes – with no scrimping on indulgence. There are pancakes, pasta and decadent desserts (the cacao and avocado mousse may sound like an unlikely combo but trust us, it’s delicious). Not only is the site filled with tempting recipes (accessible via the handy app, too) – there’s yoga videos taught by Ella herself; a healthy living podcast, as well as an online shop where you can buy the Deliciously Ella range of nutrient-dense snack balls, cereals and plant-powered ready meals.

Sweet Potato Soul

Sweet Potato Soul may sound like a carb-fest but it’s actually a vegan food blog filled with soul-food and lots of Southern flavour, from US vegan chef, Jenné Claiborne. You will find plenty of comfort food recipes, one-pot wonders and cheap and easy ideas. The video section is a great place to start, where Jenné covers all the main FAQs when it comes to going vegan. There are also tips on how to get started, a Vegan 101 rundown and advice on pregnancy and plant-based nutrition for children. Head over to her YouTube channel too for more recipes and share in Jenné’s infectious love of good, healthy, vegan food with plenty of flavour.

Oh My Veggies

As the name suggests, Oh My Veggies is a vegan blog packed with veggie recipes. Promising to be ‘meatless made easy’, there are vegan, as well as vegetarian, recipes covering all three meals of the day, plus snacks, sauces and sides. There are great how-to guides, from how to blend your own nut milk, to making your own tofu, two vegan staples any newbie needs to master. Looking for even more inspo? There are vegan e-cookbooks for instant download in the online shop; the thirty meatless freezer meals will ensure you’re stocked up for busy mid-week meals.

The Full Helping

The Full Helping’s beautiful food photography raises the bar in the best vegan blog ranks. Written by NYC-based registered dietitian Gena Hamshaw, it feels like diving into a beautifully edited food magazine. Not only are there archives full of nourishing vegan recipes, but there are longer reads sharing reflections on mindfulness and self-care, as well as resources to help you develop a more informed relationship with the foods you consume. Armed with an index of not only beautiful looking, but delicious recipes to work through, make sure you follow Gena on Instagram for daily recipe inspo, too.

Vegan Richa

If you’re hankering after some vegan recipe inspiration that packs a punch in the flavour stakes, Vegan Richa is the go-to vegan blog for delicious, authentic Indian recipes. Created by award-winning recipe developer, blogger and photographer Richa Hingle, she takes inspiration from her Indian heritage and creates fool-proof photographic and video, step by step recipes to try out. Yet it’s not solely Southern Asian cuisine that Richa has earned her name in the vegan blogger world for; there’s a great burger section (perfect for a crowd) and family friendly pizza recipes too. Finally, if you’re feeling inspired, Richa also has a great resources section where she shares her top tips on how to launch a food blog yourself.

Pickles ‘N Honey

Plant-based blog, Pickles ‘N’ Honey is run by Boston-based couple Amanda Maguire and Aaron Scott who have made it their quest to take their favourite recipes and make them vegan – with no compromise on flavour. The beautiful food imagery takes centre stage (Aaron is an award-winning Creative Director and photographer) on their magazine style platform; fall down the rabbit hole of enticing sounding recipes – from chocolate orange cake to rainbow vegetable Pad Thai with Tofu. The whole gamut is covered and the easy filters allow you to hone-in on your next plant-based meal.

The Korean Vegan

As the name alludes to, The Korean Vegan is a vegan food blog written by a first generation Korean American. An attorney by day, by night she writes her foodie musings and recipes, accompanied by dramatically lit shots of her latest creations. There are traditional Korean recipes, learnt from her mother and grandmother which she has ‘veganised’; as well as plenty of pastas, breads and sweet treats – often with a Korean twist. If you’re looking to branch out and widen your vegan culinary repertoire it’s an inspiration-filled read with authenticity and personality in spades.

Keepin’ it Kind

Looking to jump head-first into a vegan lifestyle? Keepin’ it Kind offers not only a vegan recipe blog, but reviews of vegan restaurants and vegan travel guides too, all from couple Kirsty Turner and Chris Miller. With a focus on seasonal recipes and a drive to live an animal-friendly, planet-fuelled lifestyle, Kirsty and Chris share plenty of advice and resources to help those looking to learn more about animal welfare and health tips to ensure veganism isn’t just a fad, but a nutritionally balance, long-term lifestyle choice. Want to know the three misconceptions around protein and a plant-based diet? Or the ten most common vegan myths? They have the answers – plus a comprehensive library packed with veg-centric, crowd-pleasing recipes for entertaining, family dinners and indulgent treats.

By Lydia Mansi
June 2020

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