You can’t be out with your drinking buddies for a while, so tune into these drinks podcasts instead.

The pandemic hasn’t been good for much but it has been pretty good for podcast consumption. If you didn’t get into them the first time we locked down, try it in Lockdown 2.0. Podcasts – of all formats and genres – just make life so much more interesting.

Podcast listenership in the UK is estimated to have reached 15.6 million listeners this year. BBC Sounds reported a record 136 million plays of on-demand radio programmes and podcasts in the last quarter, up 13 million on the quarter before.

Jonathan Wall, the Controller of BBC Sounds, says: ‘The extraordinary circumstances of these months during lockdown and the disruption to people’s lives is reflected in these latest figures and the most popular content. I’m really glad we’ve been able to give listeners some real treats to enjoy such as Louis Theroux’s brilliant first podcast.’

Drinks podcasts have enjoyed a particular surge in popularity of late. The New York Times says: ‘If you’re seeking inspiration for your next quarantini, trying to figure out which wines to stock up on for the fall, or just feeling wistful for the atmosphere at your neighborhood watering hole, there just might be a podcast out there to quench your thirst.’

With your needs in mind, we’ve have searched out the best drinks podcasts around. Bottoms up!

A Glass With…

Dubbed ‘the podcast that drinks with the stars’, each episode of this lively show sees host Olly Smith (wine expert, presenter and author) chatting to a celebrity guest over a glass of wine. With its eighth series available now, A Glass With… regularly features in lists of the best wine podcasts on the block. Smith says: ‘James Bay tells us about the wine he discovered while recording his latest album in Nashville, while Miles Jupp admits to being obsessed with the translucence of Pinot Noir. Those sorts of anecdotes are at the heart of A Glass With... and we’re thrilled to continue them into our eighth series.’

Good Beer Hunting

This beautifully produced and award-winning weekly podcast features interviews with a broad range of personalities from in and around the craft beer industry. They say: ‘Good Beer Hunting is a critical, creative and curious voice in the world of beer. We balance the culture of craft beer with the businesses it supports and examine the tenacity of its ideals.’ It’s a lot more interesting than it sounds.


Launched back in 2005, WhiskyCast claims to be the first ever podcast devoted purely to whisky. Its weekly episodes feature in-depth interviews, the latest news about whisky around the world and tasting notes from WhiskyCast’s passionate host and founder, Mark Gillespie. The team says: ‘The podcast’s premise was simple: Mark used his extensive broadcast journalism background to interview whisky legends and learn the finer points of whisky. Each Saturday afternoon he usurped the dining room, crafted an internet radio show and posted it on iTunes. It’s been more than ten years now and we are beholden to each of you who listen, contribute and share our love of whisky.’

Drinks Adventures

This Australian podcast, hosted by drinks journalist James Atkinson, is targeted at drinkers of beer, wine, cider, spirits and everything in between. Interviews with winemakers, entrepreneurs, distillery founders and writers make for a super informative picture of the world of drink.

Wine For Normal People

This podcast, which began in 2011, treats the subject of wine with respect, accuracy, candour and, above all, fun. The husband-and-wife duo that host it say: ‘The show is for normal wine-loving people who want great wine information peppered with humour, informed opinion, a good dose of pop culture and technical stuff about wine.’

The Bring A Bottle Podcast

Brought to us by the trio behind Amazon Prime’s The Three Drinkers, this podcast is packed with boozy banter. Each 20-minute episode promises fun and frolics pertaining to the world of spirits, cocktails and wine. They say: ‘Three friends, a microphone and a bottle (or two) of cracking wine. What could go wrong?!’

Modern Bar Cart The Podcast

Calling all cocktail lovers, this one is for you. New episdoes, bursting with interviews, words of wisdom, recipes and ingredient reviews, go live every Thursday. The team says: ‘Featuring interviews with bartenders, distillers and cocktail authors, and deep dives into the most important topics in mixology, this is your portal into the shaken, stirred, strained and garnished world.’ Oooooh, we’d each like a Negroni, please.

By Becky Ladenburg
November 2020


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