Have you tried the drink de jour yet: low-calorie flavoured alcoholic water that goes easy on the sugar? Say hello to Hard Seltzer.

Craft beers, flavoured gins, zero-alcohol spirits: each had had its moment under the drinks trolley spotlight. This year, though, it is the turn of hard seltzers to shine as the tipple of choice. If you’re not familiar with the phenomenon, the UK is just catching on to the beverage that’s been popular stateside for a while now. Put simply, it’s a flavoured sparkling water with an alcoholic kick, namely gin or vodka at around 4-6% ABV. They’ve proven particularly popular over picnic season, since the single serve, usually tinned tipples travel well and are deemed healthier than sugary mixers or cocktails, due to their low-sugar content (usually under 100kcal a serving).

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to dip your straw into the world of Hard Seltzers, here are seven brands to try. And since they are pre-mixed for you, simply serve chilled over ice with fresh fruit or herbs to garnish.

White Claw

One of the original Hard Seltzer brands from the States, with all-natural fruity flavours and zero artificial sweeteners, they’re a good introduction to the HS tipple. Explore the selection and buy here.

Wild Spring

The ‘fashion one’, Wild Spring is stocked at Selfridges, no less. With the tongue-in-cheek branding and the ‘rock hard seltzer’ tagline, the independent UK drinks brand is standing out from the US crowd with a Cool Britannia vibe. Flavours are limited (raspberry, peach and lemon/lime), but all are sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan (we told you they were fashion, darling). Explore the selection and buy here.

Bud Light Seltzer

Yes, that Bud Light. The beer guys have branched out into Hard Seltzers, with a five-step filtration process and all-natural ingredients for a cleaner taste. Explore the selection and buy here.

Two Brooks

Okay, we admit, we were seduced by the beautiful water-colour packaging. But the ‘cocktail-esque’ flavours of Two Brooks’ juicy lime cooler, passionfruit star and mango hi-ball sealed the deal. Launched by siblings Fabio and Francesca in North London, the high-quality, simple seltzer is made in Britain to offer a ‘clean’ alternative to chemical and sugar-laden alcopops and pre-mixed cocktails for the health-conscious reveller. Explore the selection and buy here.

Brew Dog

Known for their craft beers, Scottish brewery Brew Dog has branched out into Hard Seltzers, with a ‘Clean & Press’ trio of light, refreshing drinks. We like the more unusual flavour combos – smashed cactus and lime, white peach and mango and crushed black cherry. The mixed cases online are an easy way to stock up for entertaining. Explore the selection and buy here.

Boozy Boocha

A hybrid of perhaps two of this year’s biggest beverage trends – kombucha and hard seltzer – Boozy Boocha is just that: an alcohol-laced, probiotic tipple. If you’ve not dabbled in kombucha yet either, it’s a sweet and sour effervescent, fermented tea filled with good bacteria, vitamins and antioxidants. In a totally tropical pineapple flavour, as well as a tart berry, we’re not going so say it’s the healthy option – but who knows, it might make the morning after slightly easier? Explore the selection and buy here.


Breaking free from the standard hard seltzer flavours of berries and tropical fruits, Ynot stands out from the crowd with its innovative options, including rhubarb, cream soda and fiery ginger. Bold, yet not sugary sweet (in fact they’re zero sugar and only 79 kcals) they’re dangerously moreish. Happily, they offer home-delivery of mixed packs so you can try them all (in moderation). Explore the selection and buy here.

By Lydia Mansi
October 2021

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