Don't leave home without this app on your phone; send your photos as postcards or greetings cards to virtually anywhere in the world.

Remember the days when you were on holiday, hastily scribbling a postcard and then forgetting to post it? Armed with our smartphones and tablets and the Touchnote app, you can send personalised postcards and greetings card wherever you are, with no need of a postbox.


First off, you need to buy credits and the more you buy, the unit price becomes ever more attractive (sold in credit packs of 5, 10, 20, 40 and 100). Then the fun begins; choose a photo, zooming in, changing the layout or adding a caption. The card then flips over, ready for you to type a message and address. Touchnote then prints and posts your order to virtually anywhere in the world.

Alternatively, to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, choose between a greetings card or framed photo which you can embellish with fancy borders. You can also order holiday prints (minimum number 20), adding them to a print box as you snap away.

Touchnote, which launched in London in 2008, has since sent over six million cards worldwide, making it the world’s most popular postcard-sending service.

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July 2016