Fred Moore, COO of Brand Interactions Agency, Matter of Form, tells us how to DJ your own party with top music apps that you’re not yet using.

As you approach the festive season, music and playlists will no doubt feature heavily in party planning. Fred Moore, COO of Brand Interactions Agency, Matter of Form, has spent the last five years mediating office disputes over music selection. We asked Fred to choose five Apps beyond the obvious (Spotify, iTunes etc) that you may not have considered when planning your party playlist.


Festify is a clever App powered by Spotify that lets your guests select and vote on what songs are played at your party. You simply create a party code, guests enter the party code in their browser, and everyone votes on what tracks should be played when the time comes.


If you don’t want to hire a professional DJ then the Traktor DJ App is your best bet at mimicking the professional output of a hired gun. Of course this allows nearly everyone to be the DJ of their dreams, which could create problems of its own.


Whilst you obviously need the Sonos hardware before you can use the Sonos App – this incredibly useful tool then allows you to program your entire home or office audio experience. Multi-room and multi-speaker configurations mean you can segment your audience into different rooms and different music tastes. Happy hardcore in one room, disco in the other. Everyone is happy.


Let’s not forget Radio. Why not save yourself the time sweating over the perfect playlist and surrender yourself to personalized radio. This app lets you select stations based upon your favourite artists, so it’s a great place to start if you are short on time.


This is one for those who like to avoid the mainstream and show off their knowledge of lesser-known artists. It’s a great community of up-and-coming talent, and you could seriously impress your guests. Or alienate them.

November 2016