Apps To Help You Ditch Smartphone Addiction

Does technology make you feel frantic? Feel distant to family and friends? These apps can help.

Over the past eighteen months, our relationship to our smartphones has reached a new high, whether you're checking the news, working from home or keeping up with loved ones. With lockdown beginning to lift, now is the time to think about the need to disconnect to reconnect, and guess what, there’s an app to help you kick your apps addiction. Learn how to take yourself offline with the ultimate tech hack - downloading an app to help you lose your phone less. We’ve picked five apps to actually help you ditch your smartphone addiction.


RealizD Pro aims to help you break bad phone habits and become more effective at work, school or home. This app tracks how much you use your iPhone and reports your usage stats so you get to see your screen time, number of pickups, longest session by day, week and month. The app calculates the percentage of your day that is fragmented by frequent phone or table use. It can set a daily limit (especially useful for monitoring children’s devices) and will notify you when you’ve reached the threshold.

SHUTAPP - Digital Detox

Free and simple in concept, ShutApp is a timer app that blocks apps for a certain amount of time. To encourage you, ShutApp invites your friends to challenge you. You set goals for how long you don’t want to use your phone and test yourself and your friends if you are able to stop checking your phone. Invite friends for the ShutApp challenge, set the time you don’t want to use your phone, mute your phone and the countdown will start. If you use your phone before the time expires, the app will alert your friends. Busted!


Time for a social media cull so you can reconnect with real life? 73% of internet users have a social media profile (mostly on Facebook) according to Ofcom Media Attitudes Report 2016. ‘In 2017, more than half the population of the world will own a smartphone, and so this is a phenomenon that will continue to grow,’ said Frank Pesek, chief architect at Californina developers ZeroDesktop. ‘We are always looking for new ways to help people understand their digital diet and use their time effectively.’ Last year, ZeroDesktop created the app QualityTime to help users track how much people use social media apps or games. The app works in the background to monitor smartphone use and will freeze your phone forcing you to take a break.

MOMENT - Screen Time Tracker

The app Moment informs you how often you’re using your phone and the number of times that you’ve logged on. After setting this up initially, you never need open it again so it works in a rather wonderful invisible way. It automatically tracks your phone usage and notifies if you go over any daily limits you have set. The aim? To help you put down your phone and get back to your life. However, criticism includes how the app records GPS, iTunes and podcasts as screentime.


Wonder where your time has gone? Have you been whiling away hours staring at Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? Discover where your web time is spent with the time tracker app Rescue Time that shows what you’ve been up to. It monitors everything you do online and creates accurate automatic time tracking of your mobile apps. It aims to alert you to where your website time is spent and help you manage your digital life. The service is free to use with basic features but premium additions cost more.

By Team GWG
Updated May 2021

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