The Digital Traveller

A digital travel wallet - useful apps to help make your holiday go smoothly.

You're about to pack your suitcase and step on a plane. But have you got the right apps on your smartphone to make your holiday go smoothly? With so many to choose from, here are some favourites that will take you from departure lounge to sending postcards by the pool and even coping with emergencies.


Not sure how much your holiday is costing you. Use XE's useful currency converter to see the cost of supper. This foreign exchange app has been downloaded a gargantuan forty million times. It offers live proprietary exchange rates and historical charts. It also stores the last updated rates, so it even works when there is no wifi.


We've mentioned Touchnote before but it really is a failsafe way to send postcards to the folks back home. Download the app, buy some credits and if you're organised, add contact addresses before departure. You can then turn your masterful holiday snaps into pcs.


Have you ever got completely stuck trying to get your point across when you don't speak the language. Google Translate is our go-to app to get you out of a sticky fix or even to make new friends in no less than 103 tongues.


Keen on tracking your steps or cycling? This is one of the countless apps that will do this for you. What's great about Endomondo is that the GPS feature will give your location so you can use its maps to plan a walk/cycle ride. Perfect when you find yourself lost in a wood...


If you have trouble getting to sleep, Relax Melodies can help you. Perhaps your hotel isn't quite as quiet as you thought it might be? Fear not, as this app will soothe you to sleep to the sound of rain gently falling, birds tweeting...


For those moments when you want to grab a few minutes reading. This app lets you do this whilst on the go, syncing your smartphone with your Kindle. Why not download guidebooks and you won't have the faff of carting around extra weight.


Useful in case of emergencies. This app gives you quick access to health answers, symptoms, medication and medical locations. It was created by two ER doctors and has been downloaded 12m times with 100k positive reviews.

July 2016