It's time to roll out the barbecue, get outside and enjoy the summer.

It's time to roll out the barbecue, get outside and enjoy the summer. Why not treat yourself to a new barbecue (those supermarket trays really don't cut it), throw down some rugs, pull out the vino and get cooking. We recommend these sites to help you along the way...


The indisputable king of barbecues, Weber sells all types, whether you want to cook with charcoal, gas or electric. There is even a jazzy portable barbecue for cooking on the go. The site will help you select the right model for your needs; there are recipes and videos and links to cookery schools in the UK where you can hone your skills at the Weber Grill Academy.


If you want to take your outdoor cooking skills up a notch, we recommend you try a smoker. You'll find various types on Amazon with the Brinkmann smoker taking a starring role.


This is where you can buy meat from one of England's oldest breeds, Sussex cattle. The cattle are reared naturally, roaming the Sussex Weald, which makes for a superior texture and flavour. Find burgers, steaks, ribs, The South American cut picanha steaks and beef jerky, perfect for picnics.


Who better to turn to than Jamie Oliver when you're looking for inspiration? The FoodTube channel is chock full of ideas, helping you to push the barrier beyond sausages and burgers.


Steven Raichlen is the expert when it comes to barbecuing. The award-winning author of thirty books on the subject, his latest on smoking food, Project Smoke, this blog has recipes, advice on techinques and a BBQ Board where you can share your thoughts with fellow BBQ-ers.


Famous for her seeds, bulbs and plants, Sarah Raven can complete your garden picture with pretty solar powered fairy lights and light bulbs, tea lights, wool throws for chilly nights and more.


Summer wouldn't be the same without Duralex glasses on the table or the stacking carafe and Pedlars is the place where you'll find them, alongside lots of other covetable items. This is the company that has got outdoor living down to a fine art. Need we say more?

July 2016