Best Sports Blogs

These are the best sports blogs out there - come get your fix, sports junkies.

Now that we’ve finally (finally being the operative word) got some sunshine peeping its head around the curtain of what could well be described as a beleaguered summer, it’s time for all you sports fans to get running, cycling and generally moving outdoors (not that the weather would stop the more hardened amongst you). For all you fitness fanatics there’s a whole rosta of incredible blogs setting the web alight, and here are our cream of the crop.

Since we’re mad on all things tennis this week, it would be absolutely barmy not to mention the brilliant compendium of all things tennis related – The Changeover, it’s packed with incisive commentary, analysis and social media debate, and it’s beautifully designed, with some welcome humour thrown in for good measure.

If you’re a cricket fan then this should be your destination domain; it’s a veritable cornucopia of cricketing information that will transform your Ashes experience. Commentary, match news and hot cricketing debate – it’s all there in an instant.

One of our all time favourite sports blogs here at The GWG, is the genius Dirt in Your Skirt, the brainchild of the wondrously sporty Margaret Schlachter, who is a whizz not only with the finer points of creating quality editorial, but the grit, grime and determination of a life lived at the mercy of a love affair with skiing, racing and all manner of other sports.

This genius US blog is the brainspawn of former mummy blogger ‘Goon Squad Sarah’ and the site has a finger in just about every sports pie it’s possible to cover. It’s razor sharp, with some seriously talented writers on cue to guide you through the latest sports crisis.

The Guardian Sports Blog deserves a mention for the unrivalled quality of its editorial, whether it’s The Ashes, Wimbledon or The Grand Prix – this is one online portal that will never let you down.

Is a glorious indulgence for motor racing addicts all across the globe. It’s a world leader for sports and entertainment and for good reason, because it's seriously up to date with every racing event known to man, not to mention it's exclusive behind the scenes footage of racing history.

Yes it does exactly what it says on the tin; this brilliant UK based site certainly doesn’t limit its reach to our fair isles, providing up to date commentary on all the major gold events of the year. There’s even instruction, school recommendations and ‘golf babes’, in fact the list is endless.

If all you need is a pair of trainers to indulge your love of sport then this is the site for you. ‘Timely news, race reports, gear reviews’ and ‘editorial insight’ provide the backdrop to a love of the open road (on two feet), a veritable Aladdin’s cave of information on trail running and ultra marathons the world over.
June 2013