Best Sites for Posh Pets

As a nation we love our pets and we increasingly love to spoil them rotten. The market for posh pet accessories is a fast growing concern and this is our edit of the frontrunners.


One of the main worries of dog owners is losing their precious pets, when they run off. Take peace of mind with this tracker, that caught the eye of dog lover, Andy Murray, who has two terriers and likes the product so much, he invested in the company. Dog Tracker Nano shows you where your dog is with live maps on your mobile. All day, every day, in all weathers, wherever you are and whatever your dog is up to - for 24/7 peace of mind.


With a store based in the heart of Belgravia it is safe to say that Mungo & Maud are used to dealing with the most upper crust of pets. With a strong emphasis on natural materials and quality workmanship, Mungo & Maud are all about understated elegance - hence the hand-stitched collars, bespoke coloured ceramic bowls and gorgeous crocheted dog toys. After all, why should style go out of the window when it comes to your pet’s accessories?


Keep your precious pet in good health with the range of wholesome, natural and nutritious dog food from Lily’s kitchen. Treat your four-legged friends like a beloved member of the family and feed them well, instead of fobbing them off with smelly, indistinguishable meaty chunks, or unidentifiable biscuits. The team at Lily’s Kitchen have put together a delicious menu of wet food, dry food and treats, offering enticing flavours, such as Surf & Turf, venison & wild boar terrine and slow cooked lamb hotpot - mmmm, not such a dog’s dinner, after all.


With over 600,000 members, BorrowMyDoggy is the trusted community where local dog lovers can hook up with other people's pooches, whether it's for walkies, a playdate or longer. Borrowers can take these dogs for a set amount of time before returning them to their owners. Dog-owners pay a one-time fee of £44.99 to join and borrowers pay a £12.99 per year fee, which includes insurance and a 24/7free Vet-line in case of emergency, furthermore each profile is subjected to a three-step verification after subscribing to the website.

Alice interviewed founder Rikke Rosenlund in January 2016, read the Brains Behind A Brand.


Dog lovers - welcome to Pets Pyjamas; a lifestyle site for people who are dotty about their pets. Here you can buy a vast range of pet accessories (designer denim, boho chic), offering everything from harnesses and leads to beds and clothing. The Pet Shop is just one aspect of the site, however, as you can also find ideas and inspiration for dog friendly holidays, connect with a community of dog-owners and read articles on a wide-range of pet owning related topics.


Laughing Dog is one of the few dog food producers that makes all its own dry completes, mixer meals and treats, using crops grown on the family's farm. Its usp is that it oven bakes the dry food, which locks in the flavour, ensuring that 'every crunchy Laughing Dog kibble is still slow baked to perfection.' The company has recently introduced wet food into its range.


As the Natural Dog Food Company point out on their site, if you feed your dog food that doesn’t contain any bulking agents or fillers, the food is higher in nutritional value, meaning the dog will need to eat less and therefore ‘eliminate’ less often. It’s a win/win situation, surely? On top of this, animal welfare is always at the front of the Natural Dog Food Company’s mind - meaning that all of the ingredients they use in their food are ethically sourced from happy free change chickens, pasture fed lambs and sustainably farmed salmon.


Toeing the line perfectly between the tastes of the country set and the doggy owning fash-pack, Mutts and Hounds offers beds, blankets, clothing and accessories in beautiful tickings, tweeds, wools and waxed cottons. Founded by Laura Gough in 2011, the emphasis here is on high quality, well-designed dog products that have been made in the UK.

March 2017