Our top online resources for the perfect summer break or a quick getaway mid week.

It is but a stone’s throw away: check out our guest edit with the founders of Secret Escapes, Tom Valentine and Alex Saint, needless to say we recommend their invaluable site. Yes spring has sprung and before you know it, it will be time to get your bikini out which means holiday planning. If you’re looking for a bargain it’s always worth getting in there early (or at the very last minute). These are our top online resources for the perfect summer break or a quick getaway mid week.


It may seem obvious but lastminute.com has just reminded us again why it’s ranked so high when it comes to stumbling across brilliant deals. Two nights in a five star hotel in Brussels for two (inclusive of Eurostar) for the knock down price of £200 each - that’s what we just booked. There are myriad other deals, including theatre, five star London hotels from £85 (a brilliant new facility called Secret Hotels), and indulgences such as spa breaks.


What better way to discover a country than via its food? Eater is just the most brilliant website for the consummate foodie, with videos aplenty as well as tips in the form of forums, reviews and city guides. Pure indulgence.


If you’re a fan of boutique hotels (the best in the world) and don’t trust just any old reviewer to give you the lowdown, you’ll love the site where independent secret reviewers are sent in pairs to put the venue through its paces. Read our brains with founder Tamara Heber-Percy.


This is a brilliant website for those of you looking for the lowest deal in exchange for flexibility on dates. ‘Flight search reinvented for humans’ is the tag line and it certainly lives up to its mission statement (without breaking the internet) scanning well, everything out there to bring you the cheapest fastest deal within your remit.


If you’re looking for some carbon offsetting to go with your well deserved break then head down to Green Traveller. The site is packed with climate neutral all round enticing breaks such as a train tour of Switzerland and focuses on the needs of locals as well as travellers.


How incredible would it be to have an expert guiding you round your destination of choice? Someone at PHD level who can guide you around Rome or Istanbul? For the ‘intellectually curious’ traveller this is a resource it will be very hard to put down.


Beach Tomato is one of our favourite sites for summer; looking for the perfect break? This site guides you to the beaches around the world that actually look like they do in the photo. Villas, travel, there’s even fashion and beauty.

March 2016