Pamper your pets with attention and accessories - these lovely sites will help you out.

They’re a man’s best friend, they’re the warm cuddly bundle of love waiting on the doorstep, or perhaps they’re the hamster going ninety to the dozen on its favourite wheel... Whichever pet you cherish, rest assured there are a myriad of sites looking to love, nurture, clothe and feed them; value them basically just as much as you do. And without further ado – here they are.

Ah yes, it was about time someone came up with the idea of a social network for pets and their owners, and here it is in all its glory. Create a profile page for your pet and engage with all manner of other like-minded owners. A gloriously niche alternative to the other major players.

If it’s your pet’s comfort of an evening you’re concerned with, then Pets Pyjamas is but a click away. It’s the fastest growing pet community on the web, it has a decidedly Net-a-Porter feel about it and the products are to die for, plus chic escapes where your pet will be treasured - not to mention up to 30% off some great designer brands.


If it’s a doggie shaped gift subscription pack you’re after then Pooch Pack should be your first port of call. From just £16.95 per month you can completely forget about the rigmarole of scouring pet shops across London, and indulge your beloved canine chum.

For the dog and cat lovers amongst you (and no they’re not mutually exclusive), check out the comprehensive range at Mungo and Maud, it’s a heavenly compendium of all that’s right in the world of pet clothes, accessories and gifts.

Shop by breed, collection, colour or material at this super hip domain complete with some seriously on-trend fashion tips for those of you who buy Vogue with your morning coffee. There are also great added incentives, such as a free book with your purchase and Pooch of the Month competitions which may well win you £1000.

‘Only the best for your dog’ is the tagline at Mutts and Hounds, and it’s a well chosen moniker - because that’s exactly what’s on offer; toys, blankets, beds, and the ultimate bespoke service for the dog who has everything.

Style is the name of the game at this domain, and founder Susan Troy couldn’t have done a better job of creating a sharp, elegant range of products that can only echo the design aesthetic of the world’s most beautiful homes. If you're on the lookout for complimentary colours and chic elegant accessories, this is the site that will deliver.

If it’s a touch of that decidedly British je ne sais quoi you’re after then Hugo and Hennie is just the ticket. Bedding, accessories and gifts come designed to ‘blend’ into your home rather than stick out like a sore thumb. ‘Elegance’ is the key word here with some great offers to boot, such as 10% off when you join on Facebook.

If you like the finer things in life and want to encourage the same ethos in your beloved pet, then Barker and Ball is the site for you. The luxe high end products come with all manner of great deals, such as free postage and package on orders over £70.

June 2013.