Best Sites for The Paralympics

We choose the essential sites to keep up with news from Rio 2016.

Following on the heels of the success of our Olympians at Rio, don't miss the action at the Paralympics. If there’s a more life-affirming event out there in the cosmos, we certainly can’t think of one. In light of this, here are the sites to ensure you don't miss out on the action...


The official site of the British Paralympics Association, this is a useful destination domain for ardent spectators of the sport. The site is a veritable encyclopedia of stats, information and up to the second reporting on the events that will most likely move us to tears.

RIO 2016

Up to the minute information on events as they happen, along with results up until the closing ceremony on 18th September. Earmark your favourite sports, the venues and find out about the athletes taking part.


The official broadcaster of the 2016 Paralympic Games and for good reason, you can also contribute your opinion at their handy Twitter feed (@C4Paralympics). Even better the site plays host to a live commentary feed, (keep it in the bottom hand corner of your computer to stay abreast of all the developments whilst you’re at work).


Looking for a deeper understanding of the challenges inherent in becoming the next Paralympian? Then look no further than Inside the World of Parasport. With a brilliant ‘Inside the Blogs’ feature you can keep abreast of opinions as well as results. Want to find out more about the history of the games? Then delve right in, there’s even a job search facility for those of you inspired to make a career change.

September 2016