Best Sites for Outdoor Fitness

That's it, the sun's out - and our excuse for staying inside is gone. Outdoor fitness is the best.

It’s May; the snow has stopped falling and the temperature’s reached double figures (about time…); yes, we’re finally feeling brave enough to venture outside for exercise. But if your regular jog around the park or your old yoga routine in the garden feel none too motivating, then turn to these sites for a fresh new take on outdoor fitness.


Realbuzz is a great way of keeping track of your exercising and diets. It’s a social network with a fitness niche; here you can join groups, read blogs, watch videos and interact with other users around their exercising. The site lets you follow friends and their activities, and there’s a great forum where you can post questions regarding your routine, diet, health – and receive informative answers from knowledgeable users. We love its sense of community, and knowing that others will see your results once you come back from the running track really boosts your performance.


Really want to join an outdoors group of exercise enthusiasts, but don’t know where to find them? Well you’re in luck because Open Gym (founded in 2008 by self-professed gym hater, Jo Hill) has compiled a list of some great outdoor fitness groups – all based in or around London parks.


With sessions all across England and a novel approach to outdoor fitness workouts, this is the place to turn if you want to be sure to see results. Liberte offers a range of different classes – and the best part is that you can choose your exercise backdrop (garden, park, or beach)! In case you’re still not sure, why not book a free trial session – it can’t hurt...


The tag line at Fitness Bootcamps is “Because life is too short to be stuck on the treadmill” – and they really mean it; here is a perfect group to join if you lack the motivation to get out there and do it on your own. Each session runs for 45 minutes and includes movements that everyone can do, but will leave your muscles burning. Just choose your location and sign up for a free, no-strings-attached trial session!


If you’re a novice runner then Couch To 5K is for you! Just download the helpful and insightful (free!) set of podcasts to get you motivated. Often starting out is the most difficult part and this challenge is a fun little thing that’ll trigger you on your way to 5K and beyond. This really does work.


Get into shape while running for a good cause – join Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life and help raise money for cancer research. It’s the UK’s largest women-only fundraising event, and has raised nearly £500 million since its start in 1994.


If you just want someone to exercise with (rather than attend trainer-led fitness classes), then Serpentine might be for you. It’s the UK’s largest running and triathlon club and it’s got a good mix of age groups as well as having members of both novice and expert levels – and anything in between. It’s a great sociable way of exercising – and as it says on their webpage: “many of our training sessions end up in the pub.” What more can you ask for? Join them and join them promptly.

May 2013