It'll soon be time to don sun hats, so why not make a start researching your holiday destination. These are some favourites.

Travel, yes it's the time of year where if you don't add bookings to your To Do List, you're going to be sorely disappointed, whether it's far flung travel, extreme sports, or just a chillax/staycation at a high end beach resort, here are some incredibly useful online resources.


If you're looking at the luxury end of the scale then, you could do worse than this exceptionally chic portal into all that's well, luxe in the world. Insightful information, offers, an accompanying app that's all high sleek black functionality, believe us, there's much to enjoy.


Now for those looking for a little more excitement, here it is in abundance, the site with an accompanying (not to mention eponymous) Independent column does a fine job of delivering on quality, with almost every angle covered whether it's tips, bookings, the requisite app. Also don't forget there's been a recent redesign with quality news editorial at the forefront. If you're a hedonist, this is the site for you.


City centric travel is the onus at Unlike, with a special focus on social media, because it's Facebook optimised to take advantage of the trends du jour, the sheer level of detail is just staggering, whilst the design is first rate; the perfect option for the city centric hipster who likes their coffee freshly ground and their travel tips razor sharp.


You always know a genius idea when you see one because the first thought that springs to mind is er, how has no one thought of this before? That's exactly the prevailing sentiment on spying tripod, the site that puts travellers in touch with (drumroll) locals, to get the insider's view on the place you're visiting.


Continuing the local theme, this is the site that, rather than linking up locals, takes advantage of their 'on the ground' knowledge and then packages this plethora of tips into a premium site, replete with articles, a great blog, but our favourite section of all? The Biggest Baddest Bucket list - check it out.


We can't emphasise just how much we love this site, for those visiting the capital it's just a delightful compendium of all that's alternative, not to mention decidedly hip. Carnaby St. Shopping Party? Rooftop Tie Die Workshop anyone? Some grand old ideas that will make you see London in a whole new light.

Other sites we rate highly include Globalista, WeHeart and The Culture Trip, all of which have featured in previous roundups.

1 May 2014