Are you a know-it-all? Liven up dull parties with online printable quizzes.

Are you a know-it-all? Trivia quizzes make for good icebreakers, whether in the pub, at home with your feet up or after a dinner party. When banter dies down, think of a quiz as a more highbrow version of the game ‘would you rather…’ We’ve been on the lookout for free online and printable quizzes. Here goes.


JetPunk attracts committed trivia nuts. Over 135 million quizzes have been taken since 2008 on this site, which is the brainchild of brothers John and Dan Hostetler. They currently get about 200,000 page views every day. Ready for a challenge? Countries that produce the most Palm oil; 100 rivers on a world map; Harry Potter last names; and onomatopoeia #1 were just a few quizzes that grabbed our attention. Play here.

Buzzfeed Quizzes

BuzzFeed’s popular personality quizzes should come with a warning. They are highly addictive, which explains why there is a generation of youth hooked on BuzzFeed. Users answer a series of questions by choosing a photo that correlates with their response; for example, you can find out whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert on the basis of which doughnuts you like best. Or which Squid Game character is your favourite based on the desserts you choose. See, it’s vital, compelling stuff. The easy-to-use platform for creating and answering quizzes is top of its game. Play here.

Challenge The Brain

What are the names of Snow White's seven dwarfs? Who invented the microphone? How many keys does a standard full-size piano have? These are just some of the thinkers thrown out by Challenge The Brain, as part of its themed, printable quizzes for kids, teenagers and grown-ups – and, surely, pub quiz setters. Play here.

Quiz UK

This easy-to-navigate website showcases an archive of free general knowledge trivia quizzes, both obscure and mainstream. The printable quizzes cover most subjects from music, sports, cinema, science and fashion. Best of all, we like their Pot Luck general knowledge quiz questions. Have this site up your sleeve for a dull day. Play here.


Essentially a digital version of every pub quiz ever written, Sporcle is a general knowledge minefield. The site was founded in 2007 by Matt Ramme who was looking for a better way to remember US Presidents. It now has thousands of free online trivia quizzes on every topic conceivable. Sporcle aims to ‘actively and methodically search out new and innovative ways to prevent our users from getting any work done whatsoever.’ Users can play quizzes without registering as a member; however, some features such as score tracking and commenting are only available to members. Play here.

The Pub Quiz Company

Kicking off its online offering in March 2020 just as lockdown hit, what began as The Pub Quiz Company’s pandemic measure has stuck. Because, frankly, not all of us want to schlep the pub or, indeed, feel safe enough yet to do so. The Not In A Pub quiz happens every Thursday at 8pm; you just log in and play along, and can even create your own Zoom hangout if you want to play as a team. An ideal way to test your trivia while socialising form the comfort of your home. Play here.


Quizly is an easily navigable site which offers quizzes from the general to the more specific (think Disney and Marvel). We like the IQ and brain teasers, as well as some of the TV games. Do be warned though; the titles of each quiz specialise in taunting players – (examples: ‘Only a real Marvel fan can match these characters with their superpowers’; and ‘I’ll be impressed if you score 12/18 on this general knowledge quiz’). If you have a competitive streak, you may be here some time to prove the quiz setters wrong. Play here.

Updated November 2021

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