Best Sites for New MakeUp Brands

We rate the best sites for emerging brands of cosmetics and skincare.

It's all very well going to established retailers; there's an abundance of high end brands that promise away, but what about those starting out? We've come across some seriously talented individuals recently launching their own cosmetics and skincare brands, seeking to innovate, develop and offer something entirely new to the market. Without further ado here are the ranges tried and tested that have caught our roving eye and palettes...


Hallelujah is all we can say about this brand launched just two short years ago. You'll be taken (first of all) by the ingenious, and utterly life altering idea of having a lip gloss and a lipstick in one case, but on using the products you'll notice the multi-functionality of the liners, lip colours and blushers (seriously high pigment for the ultimate pop).

Mix, mix, mix away - liners can be used on lips or eyes, blushers double as eye shadows or lip colour when mixed with gloss and did we mention the black waterproof liner is without a doubt the most durable ebony shade to enliven our eye colour? Last but certainly not least all the lipsticks and glosses can be mixed together, need we say more?


Nature (ancient wisdom, chi) married with science is the ethos behind scientist Dr Om Prawarisa's range. Harnessing the restorative properties of both land and sea has resulted in a capsule collection of cleanser, primer, serum and moisturiser that is unbelievably luxurious to use, leaving the skin with the dewy glow so sought after by women across the globe.

The primer really is a standout product that can be used instead of concealer - it tightens, brightens and miraculously lifts the features (try it on one side of your face and see).


What a well kept secret this brand was, exclusively stocked by Josh Wood in their London store, passed between women as the ultimate anti ageing product, whispered about, hushed away and then well, they were discovered by Vogue, featured in their most recent issue. The Rose Otto Oil composed of the super ingredient Moringa oil, well known for its rejuvenating properties is just what's needed to combat ageing and dry winter skin.

A standout company with ethics at its core, founder Paul Berrow is also the brains behind There's Nothing Behind the Madness (for every climate neutral hoodie or sweatshirt sold a tree is planted in Africa).


Last but certainly not least, we've been trying this range and we can attest to the fact it's seriously results driven. Particularly welcome for problem skin (try the Blemish + Age solution), it's a seriously scientific brand from the USA that has recently come to our shores.

Whilst well established over there (recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, select pharmacies, medical spas and premium spas across the world to both correct the appearance of the signs of ageing and help prevent future damage), we're shouting about it for all those of you who need a helping hand backed by science. We also recommend the Pore refining Gel cleanser, its slightly astringent feel on application will assure you it's working.

4 December 2015