Best Sites for Literature

The written word takes the spotlight this week and these literary sites have our hearts.

Books, journals, poetry, prose - we're nothing if not ardent fans of the written word here at The GWG and what better way to indulge our love of all things literary than with a fresh look at the best sites on the market. Replete with incisive commentary on poetry, prose and everything in between, here ladies and gentlemen is our curated list.


If it's raw prose, hot from the typewriter/desktop of a huge pool of undiscovered talent (just gunning to get published) you're after then this is the site for you. There's some back scratching to watch out for but all in all it's a cornucopia of literary pretensions, some which certainly live up to the hype.


He was our Guest Blogger only very recently but we just had to remind you of the genius that is Scott Pack. He's an avid literature enthusiast, reviewing all manner of books from the mainstream to the decidedly niche. He also has opinions on just about everything from the state of the publishing industry right through to the best recipe for a chocolate egg, plus his blog isn’t half bad either.


In line with Authonomy, Wattpad (perhaps its main rival) is the site that offers writers a forum on which to display their work. If you're looking for something other than what's on offer in your local bookshop then this site will reveal it.


Much lauded online magazine The Rumpus certainly deserves its place on the list with its emphasis on offering up something more than 'pop culture' - and it certainly fulfills the manifesto, with essays, comics and interviews aplenty.


An indisputably literary site, The Millions has been going since 2003 and is as comprehensive an offering as you're going to get. The highly curated magazine, brimful with coverage on books, art and culture is just what's needed as an antidote to the scourge of The Daily Mail online.


Bookslut may have a bit of a saucy name but the content is pretty high class. There are endless reviews of all the latest publications, interviews with writers at the top of their game, essays and all manner of incisive commentary. Take your pick.


The Huffington Post certainly sets the standard when it comes to commentary on the arts, and never is this truer than of their dedicated books section. Recent highlights include ‘The Top 5 Literary Hoaxes,’ as well as tips for your summer reading list and some great editorial on Philip Roth. It’s nothing if not highbrow.


If you’re an aspiring writer who’s on the lookout for the agent to take you straight to The Booker Prize longlist, then Agent Query should definitely be on your reading list. The extensive database is packed with seriously useful contacts that will propel your career forwards.


US based online magazine Canteen is a recently discovered gem that takes top notch design and pairs it with quality editorial on all manner of literary and artistic subjects. It’s all about the admiration of ‘what writers and artists do and how they do it,’ so if you’re a creative specialist looking for inspiration – this site will provide.


The Storyscape literary journal is just the ticket for writers and lovers of literature the world over. It offers up the story behind the story, and breaks down previously compartmentalised genres to bring you insights, truths, untruths and the blurring lines between fiction and non-fiction. If you want to have your thoughts on literature challenged, then this is the place to do it.

July 2013.