Best Sites for Liquidating Your Assets

Cleaning out your closet and realising it's filled with barely used clothes, gadgets and jewellery? Turn those belongings into cash with these sites.

So you’re right on track with your New Year's resolutions; you’ve got that gym membership, you’ve used it (once), you’ve collated a pertinent stream of apt motivational quotes to keep you on track (you’ve even Photoshopped them into a seriously on-message screensaver), all in all you’re feeling pretty great and then... you check your bank account. Ah yes the indulgence, the over-extension of presents designed to impress, the skiing trip you couldn’t really afford... Yes it’s time to liquidate your assets. No, not sell your home/flat/car - but make some cash from the junk in your attic with our list of really rather helpful sites.


If clothes are your bête noire, then Chic&Seek is the kindly priest on the other side of the confessional who will not only aid and abet the cleansing of your soul, but will actually turn those unwanted vintage/used/labels on/handbags you just had to have at the time into hard cash. Which to be honest - with the tax deadline looming - is timely indeed. Just try and stay away from the ‘buy’ section where (if you’re really flush) a whole host of incredible bargains will tempt you away from your good intentions.


Whilst this statement could well be applied to a myriad of items in our wardrobes, it’s also the site and ergo the fairy godmother to our decidedly down at heel Cinderella. Can’t deal with the rigmarole/mental assault course that is eBay? Then let Sharon Wolter Ferguson and her team do all the hard work for you; i.e. if even the simple uploading process is too much you can just drop off your bags at the Hardly Ever Worn It office. If you’re a designer junkie then this is the niche sale site that will actually get you a return on your initial investment, and we certainly don’t say that lightly.


If you’ve got a serious shopping addiction that involves squirrelling items under the bed without even wearing them (don't worry, we’ve done it too), then Tags On is the redemptive service that will cleanse, redress and reorder. Don’t let the name fool you however, because the site will also accept clothes that are without the tags but in good condition. There’s even a celebrity-clothing auction in aid of charities chosen by the celebs themselves, so if you missed Victoria Beckham’s Oxfam sale – you know where to go.


Right, now to the attic, Value My Stuff is just the ticket if you don’t have time to wait for the Antiques Road Show to roll into your local town hall. Just submit your photo; wait for the appraisal from an expert and then it’s a hop, skip and a jump to a certified valuation. You’ll then find yourself the proud owner of an online valuation certificate. Valuations are bought in the form of credits and there are three price tiers; £10 for one, £25 for three and £75 for ten (a generous twenty-five percent saving).

Ok, we have to admit it, this site may not be the frontrunner in the design department, but what it lacks in the battle of the interface wars, it more than makes up for with its comprehensive encyclopedia of local listings. Buy, sell, take advantage of the free ads, and don’t miss the employment, education and training sections if selling your unwanted goods isn’t quite enough of the push towards a healthier bank account.


Thinking about your next holiday and how on earth you’re going to afford it? Harking back to that night you slipped on your slippers and curled up in front of The Holiday just a few short weeks ago? Then take Kate Winslet’s cue and swap your home with either of these prime sites who will endeavour to make the swap as smooth and hassle-free as it’s possible to be.


Remember the good old days of CD’s and DVD’s? Yes the dinosaur age may be on its way out, but boy have we held on to the nostalgia with our alphabetised collection of every film we’ve ever watched since 1999. Now it’s time to free up some space (let go people!) by sending them off to Music Magpie, where you can even offload clothes and electricals while you’re at it. Don’t miss the free fully insured courier service for a hassle-free alternative to the, er, five minute walk to the charity shop.


If you’ve got a gold heirloom or two that you really don’t need (no, us neither, but anyway) here’s a quick, easy and preferable alternative to the local pawn shop. Just register your swag online, bag it up, post it off - and voila, money straight into your bank account; a much better alternative to payday loans we think.


Are you the proud owner of a fine Swiss watch? Perhaps you’ve stumbled across one down the back of the sofa? If you’re looking to have it valued, then Armour-Winston are the experts with years of experience (since 1953 no less). Based in London’s very chic Burlington Arcade, the company runs a postal service whereby you can send in the aforementioned watch, have it valued and if you choose to go ahead with the sale, the money can be in your bank account on the same day. Tempting indeed.


Have you got an antiquarian book or two collecting dust on your bookshelf? Fancy becoming a bookseller on the largest online antiquarian book market in the world? Then all you need to do is head straight to the 'have only a few books to sell' section of AbeBooks, where you will be pleasantly surprised by the eager buyers ready to snap up your first, second or even third editions.

January 2014