Best Sites for Getting Your Kids Into Sport

Raising a future Olympian on your hands? These sites will help fulfil their potential...

So you’re sitting in the park, you notice little Freddie kicking that football with the skill of a younger Wayne Rooney, a thought enters your mind; is this is a future Olympian you’re raising? If you’ve found yourself inspired as a parent then this handy list of sites will lead you to the very best resources to get your child healthy, active and seriously competitive. Brazil 2016 here they come!

Kids In Sport

This brilliantly altruistic charity can’t help but get your children pumped up and ready for some Olympic action. Founded in the name of Julian Budd, a keen sportsman who died in 2007 at the age of 33, the charity aims to help those who may not have the opportunity to partake in regular sporting activities. If that’s your kids – then this is your domain.

Get kids Going

Get Kids Going are also doing their utmost to help children across the UK take part in sport. Providing children with specially designed sports wheelchairs so the disabled amongst them can partake in a whole host of activities (amongst them athletics, tennis, skiing and rugby as well as lesser known sports such as fencing, shooting and archery), the charity also has a particular focus on encouraging the next generation of Paralympians. GKG we commend you.

Next on the charity hot list is another highly respected institution; Sports Traider. This organisation does its utmost to encourage youngsters to explore their Olympic potential, and offer both the kit and the support to get them going. Founded in 2009 by Lance Haggis, the site is an incredible facility for parents struggling with the effects of the austerity budget. Stores are currently limited to Bedford, Leicester and Luton, but there’s an EBay shop for those further afield and the site itself is choc full of fascinating, inspiring information. Money from sales is channelled back into grass roots funding for sports, including coaching and access to facilities. No penalties here.

The London Football Academy

The London Football Academy is an unrivalled institution delivering the most forward thinking courses for youngsters, with a full money back guarantee. Designed for kids of 5-14 all coaches are FA qualified and CRB checked and aim for a child to coach ratio of 1:16, better than most UK class sizes. The company coaches over 1000 children every week; check it out and let the figures speak for themselves.

Access Sport

Continuing down the charity route, we just had to commend Access Sport for their incredible work in the community. Founded in 2004 this charity quite literally changes lives; tackling social exclusion, obesity and antisocial behaviour through a wide range of physical activities. Empowering volunteers to start local clubs, the charity provides them with everything they need to bring sport to the youngsters of their community.

The Sports Academy

Got a child with a seriously low handicap? Think he might well be the next Tiger Woods? Then think seriously about sending him or her to The Sports Academy, or at least doing your research by checking out their informative site. TSA is on the cusp of celebrating its tenth year, racking up almost fifty golf professionals on its list of alumni, in the process. If your child is putting mad, this is your site of choice.

FM Sports College

Are you the proud parent of a child who loves tennis as opposed to golf? How could you fail to have been moved by the almost win of our beloved Andy Murray at Wimbledon this year? If you’re convinced your child could follow in his footsteps, head straight to the portal of the FM Sports College (located in Sheffield) that offers tennis and football programs that are sure to create a future Olympian of your offspring.

Sport England

Focused on helping people and communities Sport England is a charity that not only creates opportunities for youngsters to take part in sports, but provides facilities, nurtures talent and supports local authorities to unlock funding. Further the site plays host to the Sport England Facility Finder, (as endorsed by the government at Direct Gov UK) which will lead you straight to your local sports group, for whichever activity most suitable for your child. In a couple of years you’ll be sure to be the proud parent of an Olympic champion and if not well, at least you’ll have an active, happy child.