With Easter just around the bend, we've lined up the sites that will keep your little ones entertained for hours on end - just sit back and relax...

Easter will be upon us faster than you can say 'Who's the Easter Bunny?' In light of this, we think it's high time we bring you an entire compendium of only the very best sites to get you out of that bunny sized hole when the days are that tiny bit longer, the holidays are still stretching out in an endless abyss of days - and quite frankly you just can't wait for it all to end. Just pop them on the iPad and watch them go...


Do you have a child between the ages of 9-12 who isn't in the middle of a love affair/unhealthy obsession with Minecraft? This game is about addictive as e-numbers (just not as bad for your health!). Believe us, you'll have all the quiet you need.


For younger children Club Penguin is definitely where it's at. This genius portal to all things Antarctic is the hotspot where your children will 'waddle along and meet new friends.' The site is packed with colourful activities (think colouring in, arts and crafts, and outdoor activities) - there is more than enough to keep your kids amused on that long car journey - as long as you have mobile wifi that is.


This site takes the phrase 'jam packed' to a whole new level. Riotous colour, lazer sharp graphics, and games that will get your kids into a goggle eyed vortex, then it'll be up to you to get them out!


Yahoo also deserve a round of applause for their gargantuan efforts to entertain the nation's children. Jokes, e-cards, and music videos populate the site alongside exciting trailers and challenging games.


If you want the educational option for your children (good luck!), then your first port of call should be this site full of high res images, fun facts and awe-striking videos. A brilliant site.


It's choc full of games, free videos, and uber exciting activities. Yes, the Cartoon Network have certainly put their money where their mouth is with this portal dedicated to the greatest cartoons of all time. Just watch their eyes glaze over...


This super sharp site is another Godsend, with a vast and comprehensive selection of puzzles, competitions, and games. It is just the ticket for the tots who are a little bit jaded.


This homage to all things pink, girly, and wonderful is just what you need when your daughters need a little girl time. Play dress up games, choose from a legion of virtual dolls, and generally indulge your inner goddess.

March 2013.