If it's written in the stars, then it'll be written on these sites...

Come on, admit it – we all do it; when we’re scouring the Sunday papers, our favourite magazines, and even online we just type 'horoscopes' into Google and a plethora of sites abound, but which ones are the best? Well in our humble opinion these are the top contenders...


Mystic Meg is perhaps Britain’s favourite astrologer and psychic so it’s only fair she makes this list. Only known by her stage name, Mystic Meg became a household name for her regular Saturday night appearances on The National Lottery in the Nineties. In 2015, she turned digital and launched a website and mobile app delivering daily horoscopes and psychic chats. She also gives advice to her followers via Twitter and has a telephone hotline hosted by her favourite professional psychics.


Even the most skeptical will cast an eye over the words of the world-famous astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel. She is the oracle at The Sunday Times and The Evening Standard no less. Her website offering free daily horoscopes has recently made some new changes. The most important new feature is the personalized chart service which is aimed at those ready to go beyond reading about their own star sign and looking into the personal subtleties in the stars. In her words, ‘You want to begin to learn about your own personal horoscope? Or you may want to know about an important relationship, or your child? Check out what we’re offering.’ Her blog is called Champagne Mystic. Talk about luxe meets spiritual.


Susan Miller is the doyenne of the more detailed personal horoscope. The legendary readings must take Miller an age to compile, because she goes way beyond the call of duty with her monthly readings that cover everything from romance to work and finances to creative endeavours. The level of detail is quite simply staggering - so much so that it will take you a good half an hour just to digest - whether you implement her stellar advice is up to you. Each year, her site serves 100 million page views to 6 million unique readers.

Lasha Seniuk is the brains behind Mystic Astrology and she’s another astrologer who gives tons of value with an abundance of free material. Daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes are all offered up as well as year-long forecasts and an excess of love astrology. If you're willing to invest in a chart or more in-depth reading then there’s several options to choose from including tarot readings; you can even speak to Lasha directly should you so choose.

And last but certainly not least, for the cynics amongst you there’s the self deprecating astral predictions from US based news site The Onion, which may not change your life, but sure as hell will make you reconsider becoming too dependent on online astrology.

Updated January 2017