Helpful Sites for Motorists

Looking for advice on maintenance, need some new parts or want to buy a new car?

Covering everything from vintage to electric cars, here are some useful sites to get you started.


When buying a new or used car, it can be difficult to know if you are getting a good deal. With its listings of, and reviews about, new and old models, Honest John will not disappoint. As well as advice on buying a vehicle, the site reviews garages, gives advice for young drivers and provides a road tax calculator.


The official site of the RAC is beautifully clean and comprehensive. Full of news, reviews, travel advice and tips on buying a car, it instills huge confidence in motorists nationwide. The RAC is among the UK’s most progressive motoring organisations; use its site to buy accessories, seek advice and troubleshoot car-related issues.


Looking for a new motor? Carwow can help you buy your next set of wheels, letting you compare offers from approved local and national dealers, helping you save an average of £3,600.


If you are looking to replace your car parts, Mister Auto offers cheap car parts and accessories for a variety of vehicles (“all parts for all cars” being their reassuring motto). Regularly replacing car parts is key to maintaining your vehicle and could save money on repairs. It is important, for instance, to get your timing belt replaced every 60,000 miles or so, and you should make sure your fuel filter is changed every 12,400 miles. Check out Mister Auto today.


To find the best car insurance for you, is a great website. This site makes it easy to compare prices from over 190 providers, and most of the time it costs the same as buying directly from these suppliers. The whole experience consumes far less time – and causes less aggro – than calling around to get quotes from numerous different providers.


Last but not least, this is the site for the adventurous motorists among you. ViaMichelin gives maps, routes and directions for those who wish to travel around the UK and Europe by car. Including helpful information on the nearest hotel, traffic and weather conditions, this is a great site for the travelling driver.

Updated September 2018