Trail blaze through your to-do lists with these handy sites up your sleeve.

A new year's resolution often made and even less stuck to: DIY, the reorganisation of the wardrobe, the filing of the tax return, not to mention the myriad other tasks that install a chill of fear into the most seasoned admin savvy individual. Sites have sprung up far and wide however with the sole purpose of doing all the hard work for you.... Here without further ado are our top five. Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief.


We've used Task Rabbit four, yes FOUR times over the last two weeks and let us tell you it's a veritable lifesaver. Need a job doing at ridiculously short notice? Say even the same day? Then log on and post an ad - 'taskers' who are available will contact you and show up quicker than you can say, 'I need that hung there and I need it now'. Personal Assistants, Cleaners, Handymen, those dedicated to heavy lifting and moving - there really isn't much this dedicated team of helpers won't do, and boy do they do it well.


Where to find a framer for that print you so love, the late Xmas present still rolled up in the spare room? This site is an Aladdin's Cave of choice; white, silver, box frames, there's even a virtual assistant who will mock up your print in the frame and show you how it will look in a virtual living room. All you need is a tape measure to input the dimensions and you're away. Frames Express won Best Art Business Website of the Year 2016 in the Fine Art Trade Guilds Award.


This site may be called Hassle but it's certainly with a touch of irony as hassle is what it subverts. Local trusted, not to mention proactive cleaners ready and willing to tackle the most stubborn of stains. It works because the site is ridiculously simple and user friendly and because the cleaners are also vetted by a third party for ultimate peace of mind. Find your local trusted cleaner; rates starting at £12/ hour.


Another service we've tried recently is Handy. Whilst we were more than impressed with the service just beware not all cleaners are savvy when it comes to specialist washing such as cashmere. Despite this, the service is certainly worthy of a mention; it's speedy, simple to use incredibly good value, our cleaner was lovely and it's good to know that the firm pays their cleaners well, in contrast to others who take a quite shocking cut.


Last but certainly not least, there's even the option to take up the services of a virtual assistant. If you're travelling a lot or just like to keep your personal space personal, then Time Etc will dedicate a seasoned pro to any task that can be completed remotely. There's no salary or employment contract needed and the fleet of experienced professionals will free up all those hours you didn't know you needed.


Feeling fried? Feeling frazzled? Help is at hand with the new site founded by Polly Haddon-Paton. This site provides a pay-as-you-go personal-assistant service that either comes to your home/office or works remotely and, most pleasingly, doesn’t require a membership fee. From home office filing to help with a house move or travel plans, this site will help you burn through your to-do list.

Updated January 2017