We've listed the best go-to sites for all things fair trade - so step right up, these are the domains to turn to if you want to make a difference.

We've had quite a spate of the more superficial celebrations of the year, so now it's high time to get back to something decidedly ethical - and there are no better circumstances to do it than at FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT, the two weeks of the year when the world turns its beady eye to the provenance of our daily products. If you don't know the first thing about fair trade (shame on you), we're on hand to help with our curated list of sites. Delve in and just see how pious you feel.


If you want to learn about all things fair trade then this domain should be top of your list. The independent non-profit organisation has made its mission in life to educate, inspire and generally make people aware of the realities of many of the myths behind the fair trade banner. This foundation also licenses the use of said banner, so if they haven’t ok’d it – don’t go near it.

This incredible online retail site are ‘pioneers of sustainable and fair trade fashion’ and their products certainly live up to their tag line. Edgy, hip, well-designed – with an emphasis on unparalleled quality – and your conscience will thank you. What could be better?

If you’re a caffeine addict – then this is the site for you. Café Direct are right up there with the greats of fair trade, and for good reason. They work directly with expert smallholders to ensure that the product you’re getting isn’t intercepted by any shady middlemen creaming off the profits. It doesn’t hurt either that their coffee is of the highest quality.

If chocolate’s your poison then head straight to Divine where you will find a selection so comprehensive even the fussiest tastebuds will water at the sight of the Willy Wonka style range. Growers actually own shares in each and every bar, a business model that turned the chocolate industry on its head when the site launched in 1998. Go on – indulge, and feel good about it.

This workers' cooperative aims to bring only the finest fair trade products to the consumer. Whether it’s wine, coffee, or honey you’re after – only the highest quality products will be winging their way to your door. We should know - we’ve tried them.

Liberation (what an apt name) is a great example of a 100% fair trade company (specialising in nuts) with lots of background info on the producers it works with. If you’re partial to a cashew  or two – then this is your destination domain.

And last but certainly not least – if you’ve got some major shopping to do then head straight down to Ethical Superstore, where you can peruse at your leisure from a range more comprehensive than your local Tesco. Clothes, cleaning products, food - it’s all there. Which means if you’re really dedicated, you could buy entirely fair trade. Now there’s a thought.

March 2013.