Best Sites for Ethical Gifts

For your Christmas presents, choose a company that employs best practice in its corporate behaviour

It’s one thing going all misty eyed over the prospect of impending gift giving and receiving of course, but there’s nothing to taint the taste of indulgence more than the very real knowledge that companies associated with Christmas do not employ best practice in their corporate behaviour. On the plus side there are many that do, here without further ado we applaud them.


Naturally TOMS is at the top of the list, the footwear company not only donate shoes to those that need them but also provide operations to those with sight impairments as well as glasses or whatever medical treatment they need. Other focal points are clean water and safe births via training for skilled birth attendants the world over.


Are you giving socks as an afterthought this Christmas? Lots of us will be, but this year, choose socks that make a difference. Founded by Josh Turner in 2015, the award-winning site creates ethically made patterned socks that are linked to a United Nations Global Goal. One pair of socks plants 20 trees, one provides clean water in Ethiopia and another vaccinates six children against measles in Bangladesh.


We do love a present with a story. Fashion designers Camilla and Holly met at art college and set up The Basket Room, an ethical lifestyle brand specialising in (stunning) handwoven baskets and accessories in Africa. Their aim is to create access to market for the talented weavers they work with in rural Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania. The Basket Room sells really very beautiful baskets, desk tidies, bike baskets and pot covers. Their blog and Instagram page will keep you updated with the girls’ African travels.


Buying for a child? Give to one less fortunate at the same time. The website Babies with Love sells tasteful baby clothes, toys and prints and was supported by Prince Charles last year. All profits go around the world to help abandoned children. On the site, you can click on a world map to ‘meet’ the orphaned and abandoned babies who live in SOS Chldren’s Villages. They have lost their parents through war, famine, disease or poverty.


Fine Cell Work runs rehabilitation projects in thirty British prisons by training prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework. The work gives prisoners purpose with the work generating a steady income. The needlework is sold on Fine Cell's website where you can choose from cushions, quilts, bags and purses, lavender bags and Christmas decorations. There are also kits where you can sew your own needlework cushions. You can also commission a cushion or quilt.


Natural fresh and organic, this is the ‘wicked uncle’ for anyone with a serious craving for the ethics over the mischievous; wellbeing, gift food, stationery, accessories, there’s even a stocking filler section. Remember the vote that counts, may say is the dollar vote, so buy wisely.


Marrying high fashion with an editorially inspired trend driven slant, Bottle top is all about bringing highly curated craftsmanship to the consumer. They also drive young people to better themselves via the Bottletop foundation.


Shopping for a reason is the name of the game at The Good Place,. A beautifully crafted website with an incredibly wide range of products on offer, this is without a doubt the Net-a-porter of ethical goods. There’s even a magazine full of classy editorial such as an interview with Liz Earle (creator of one of our favourite skincare lines).

Updated December 2016