Best Sites for E-Gift Cards

Forgotten a present or just don't want to elbow your way through the Christmas shopping crowds? We've prepared this e-gift voucher list just for you.

The last deadlines for postal deliveries are swiftly approaching; some of them have already gone, but fear not because like Clark Kent ripping his clothes off in a phone booth, surging to the rescue is the humble E-Gift voucher. If you’ve forgotten a present, are pushed for time, or simply can’t be bothered to trek up and down Oxford Street (we quite understand), this glorious little gift wrapped in an email could well be your saviour…


Astley Clarke, one of the most desirable online jewellers around has already seen their deadline for Christmas postage end (weep), but fear not, with the magic that is online retail, you can have a natty little gift voucher pinging its way to your intended in two shakes of a lamb’s tail – ahhh and relax!


We admit it’s an oldie but a goodie, but it deserves a mention because it recently got a member of staff here in the GWG office out of a strained situation (think forgotten birthday), and resulted in sheer unmitigated glee in the heart, mind and soul of said recipient. Phew! And while you’re there you can buy something for yourself too! It is Christmas after all…


Ok it still comes under the bastion of Net-a-Porter and the sheer genius that originates from the queen of online retail Nathalie Massanet, but it clearly deserves its place in the list for the lust induced high we feel when scouring the site. Your lover/friend/parent may have to drum their fingers till January for their gift to arrive, but boy will it be worth the wait.


The brainchild of Nick Jones, this uber brand of cosmetics, toiletries and candles is made from only the finest natural ingredients with oils that disperse the most heavenly aromatic scents (lavender, Franckinsence, lemon to name but a few). We cannot emphasize enough how a room can be transformed with the simple addition of a Cowshed scented candle, or the delight of running your fingers through your hair after a squirt of their Softening Conditioner (one of our favourite products of all time here at The GWG). This really is the gift that will keep on giving, as the potent oils create heady scents that will last well past Christmas.


Oh how we lust after almost every product on the Urban retreat website, yes they are swiftly gaining ground on established players such as Space NK with their incredibly detailed approach to curating a collection of cult beauty brands that will make your heart melt. You can even put the vouchers towards treatments at the Urban Retreat centres across the UK.


Is it an experience you’re after? Something utterly unique that just cannot be replicated in a product? Then Red Letter Days is your source, from £20 -£1000 there’s sure to be something that no one else has thought of – and that’s what Xmas is all about.


Underwear is a glorious present for any woman, but one made even better if you can choose the item yourself. At Figleaves, you can have an E-Gift Voucher pinging its ways to your intended in seconds – and you won’t have any problems with sizing either. Now there’s a bonus.


Now we’re on the underwear theme, we simply had to pay heed to AP and their glorious (not to mention red hot) range of underwear. If you’ve got someone to impress, who also wants to impress you – then this is your destination domain.


Looking for a one-stop shop, full of a wide variety of amazing E-Gift Vouchers? Well look no further because at The Gift Card Centre you’ll be hard pushed not to find something that will delight, amaze and generally win you some much needed Brownie points. We simply love this offering from Naked Wines – another of our favourite online retailers.

December 2012.