Best Sites for E-Cards

Send your loved ones an eco-friendly e-card or a personalised video message via these e-post sites.

Post - actual, physical post - is becoming increasingly obsolete. Paperless is clearly the way to go (no postal charges, not to mention it's environmentally friendly) and there's no chance of an important message getting lost on the way (and if it does? Why, just hit 'resend'). If you've done a total ostrich and forgotten it's somebody's birthday on Friday - why not send them an e-message? Or are you thinking ahead for scribbling out the dreaded Christmas cards? Opt for paperless and it will reach the desired recipient in a heartbeat.

Paperless Post

One of our all-time favourites. What event hasn't been enhanced by the addition of a beautiful Paperless Post invite winging its way into your inbox? The templates are to die for, the first batch of invites (12 at last glance) are free and the effort is minimal - need we say more?

Some E-Cards

Another brilliant addition to the e-card market, this site is a well-designed paragon of virtue dedicated to finding you the perfect stationary. Whether it's a humorous card to win you some brownie points, or a personalised declaration of love - it's all here.


Rattlebox really does take the whole e-card convention to a new level by adding video footage and movement to your humble stationery. It's cool, it's quirky and it brings you ‘cards that don't suck' - which just about says it all, really.

Wrong Cards

Feel like putting the cat amongst the pigeons? Then head straight to Wrong Cards, where you'll find a host of incredible templates that can't fail to rally a smirk or (who knows) even a smile in someone you care about. If you're in the doghouse - this is your destination domain.


One of the pioneers of animated e-cards, it’s safe to say JibJab is up there with the best. Their ‘Starring You!’ animated video cards include the seasonal favourite ‘Elf Yourself’ (vigorously shared at Christmas) but there are heaps of Valentine themed ones too such as the hilarious ‘Shakespearian Valentine’, a Grease video card you can personalise with your faces, and – for the anti-Valentiner – ‘Chocolates for yourself’ - a laughter inducing alternative.

Jaquie Lawson

Jacquie Lawson is a bastion of the e-card industry. The animated offerings are painted by hand and sometimes takes months to finish. The designs are artistic, elegant (even moving) and won't offend in the slightest.

Group Card

Whether you're looking to spread the appreciation for your teacher helping your class pass a dreaded exam, or a grandparent reaching a hundred there needn't be any chasing down of signatures – simply select the perfect card and pass it on via e-mail to collect everyone’s messages. The last card on the site garnered over 6,000 signatures; clearly no event is too big.

November 2016