Best Sites for Digital Nomads

Travel the world and work at the same time; these sites can help you tread the path.

People are increasingly throwing off the stranglehold of the classic desk job by working remotely, from whichever desk happens to be nearest (preferably with a glorious view in a tropical location). Yes, it seems digital nomads are on the rise. Thanks to the digital revolution, illustrators, graphic designers, programmers, copywriters and more besides are now able to travel the world and work at the same time. Think this rootless lifestyle could be just the thing for you? Here are the sites that can help you tread the path of a digital nomad.

Nomad List is the comprehensive guide for anyone looking for the remote working lifestyle. It is absolutely packed with useful information for the wandering worker, providing a broad selection of lists and guides covering topics such as ‘best cities for the digital nomad’ and ‘best cities for vegan travellers’. The site also has a jobs listings page, as well as an active forum for fellow nomads to connect with one another.

Those looking to travel on a permanent basis will need some well thought out baggage, methinks. This is where Carryology comes in, as they take carrying-things-about-on-your-person extremely seriously. Here you will not only be able to find really well designed, functional and good looking receptacles for your stuff (rucksacks, wheelie suitcases, wallets, camera bags - you name it), but also articles and advice on exactly what stuff you really need to take with you when travelling.


A great site for finding remote jobs - the first step towards starting life as a digital nomad. There are plenty of jobs featured for those with skills in marketing, copywriting, programming, design, customer support and more. The modern workforce is even expanding its horizons in some surprising areas - some GPs are starting to work remotely. Watch this space, as your sector may join the revolution sooner than you think.


British couple Mish and Rob left their jobs in 2012 and took off around the world, with the intention of ‘making it anywhere’. Years down the line, they seem to have achieved their goal, although we feel we must point out that it seems these two score highly on the bright-sparks-with-business-acumen scale (they run several businesses between them). Mish and Rob are brilliant advocates for the unconventional life of a digital nomad; the pair are enchanted to have been set free from the shackles of ownership, as well as having complete control of their own time. Their blog is inspiring, informative, and a must-read for any aspiring digital nomad.


This is an experimental community, providing digital nomads with a selection of places to stay and work for a membership fee of $500 per week. Not only will there be a great room to sleep in, but there will be fast internet access, comfortable chairs, deskspace, a chef’s kitchen and a diverse range of people to work beside. Currently operating in Madrid, Miami and Bali, this is an idea that is set to expand, giving the mobile working community a home in several desirable locations.


Following a similar idea, Outsite provides several unique work/play accomodation options for the modern nomad. Fancy working remotely from Santa Cruz, San Diego or Lake Tahoe? Yeah you do! And there are plans afoot for further rooms in Hawaii and Costa Rica. Not bad, we say. Office workers, don’t despair! Outsite offers facilities for company retreats as well, so your team can get away from it all and really bond as a group.

June 2016