The Digital Mother

Tried and tested, the apps and sites to help get new mums through the first days of motherhood.

With a never-ending supply of information online on pregnancy, giving birth, the equipment you need, names, which sites are the best? After much research, here is our edit of the best sites and apps the new mum should arm herself with.


Although you can always use the stopwatch on your phone, which does work to a degree, it is useful to record the data using a contraction app. There are many to choose from, all easy to use; you simply tap your phone at the start and end of each contraction.


Simple app for recording feeding times and sides, especially useful late at night when you are semi-conscious. Straight forward and easy to use, it allows you to monitor timings across each day, so you can see which schedule worked best.
There is also a nappy, bath, vaccination record built into the app, should you wish to record everything!


New baby means gifts aplenty and what better way to thank friends and family than with a personalised card. After getting frustrated with several photo card websites, it is a relief to find Inkfi where thank you cards can be printed with a simple picture (no fancy borders, etc). The company markets itself as an Instagram-specialist printer, but you can actually upload any picture you have. Stylish, no nonsense and very quick to deliver.


Want to get your baby photographed in the first few days. Post a photography job on Bark and you'll find a number of local photographers to take those happy pictures. They allow you to find any type of service professional locally and compare quotes.


Pinterest is a surprisingly good reference point for everything from how to exercise whilst pregnant, stretchmark prevention, foods to avoid, nursery design, must-have gadgets and even breastfeeding tips.


You can buy almost all baby products secondhand, or even new, on eBay. There are so many products available that you don't even have to compromise. You can pick pretty much the precise item and colour combination you would like and find someone selling it. However, a word of caution... sometimes second hand eBay goods are MORE expensive than buying things new, particularly if you have to pay for postage, so always do a cross check against Amazon (and Argos).

It's also useful to sell-on items once you have exhausted their use.


As for eBay - Gumtree is great for second hand goods, where you can buy the bulkier items that you can pick up locally rather than pay for postage. Being able to search by location more easily than eBay is a great advantage for bigger items. Also try Shpock, a virtual car boot sale app.


Invaluable for buying things in a just-in-time fashion. There is also a family discount. Just watch price fluctuations - they happen quite regularly and for some items the subscribe and save option is best.

July 2016