Digital Kids

Apps to propel your child's learning and understanding of life.

Remember when Pokémon GO was the thing as children raced around the country, usually with parents in tow, picking up Pokémons. At least, it got them outside (read what guest contributor, Mat Braddy of Rock Pamper Scissors, had to say). So, moving on, you want to get them onto these apps, the ones we rate; apps to propel your child's learning and understanding of life.


It pays to start your kids young on managing money and goHenry is the go-to app, a digital banking solution, that will make your kids smarter financially. The pre-paid debit card and app come with unique parental controls to help teach young people good money habits. With over 200k users and 10k joining every month, KPMG & H2 Ventures named goHenry one of the world's 'Leading 100' FinTech innovators.


Headspace has just released its programme for kids, introducing mindfulness meditation to a new, younger audience. Available on the current Headspace platform, the Kids series includes short meditations designed especially for children from toddlers to pre-teens, with the aim of giving them the best start in life.


EdPlace's mission is to empower parents in their child's education, covering English and Maths across the National Curriculum in Key Stages 1 to 4 with Science and other subjects coming soon.


If your child struggles with maths and lacks enthusiasm and confidence in the subject, is something of a saviour. Created as a support for both individual children and schools, covers Key Stage 1 to A Level (in line with all curricula in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), helping pupils to enjoy and improve their skills via a series of online maths games and tests that make learning fun and easy. The global Wall of Fame is a great way to encourage them to do better too, as they move up the ranks.


The SkyView® app has been downloaded 9 million times, enabling all ages to stargaze. Just point your smartphone/tablet at the sky and the app will identify stars, constellations, satellites and more. It's free and if you want a more detailed approached, you can upgrade to the full version.


We've mentioned duolingo on a number of occasions as it is a useful app for learning languages, with twenty-seven on offer. This is learning gamification, so fun for all ages. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. And if you don't check in and do your bit, you'll have to start from the beginning.


This handy app lets parents reclaim mealtimes, reminding children to unplug from their mobiles and enjoy the company of their siblings and parents. Additional features include Bed Time and Take a Break options where you can set time limits for how long your kids can use their devices. You can see the status of their devices and the apps they're using in real-time.

September 2016