Digital Fitness

If you're looking for a positive effect on your attitude towards improving your fitness, you need look no further than your smartphone or laptop. There are a raft of apps and sites that can get your running off the ground, hone your muscles or give your heart a workout. Here are some of our personal favourites, for both beginners and those pushing the limits.


The NHS has just revamped this programme that will get you running from xero to 5k in nine weeks. You may have heard the programme mentioned on the radio as part of BBC Get Inspired. Choose from celebrity trainers who will coax you when to run and when to walk. You can track your progress, and get tips and advice. Download the podcasts on iTunes.


Fitbit has various types of wearable tech that will aid and improve your fitness. The Flex and accompanying app is great for people who want to kick start fitness and/or running. The app gives you enough data to check your progress. We particularly like the hourly activity counter, especially useful if you're desk bound, as it encourages you to get up and walk 250 steps every hour. Follow friends and you can inject some competition into your activities.


We're all doing things in bite sized chunks these days, exercise included. This app takes you through a seven minute workout that is based on scientific studies to give you the maximum benefit in the shortest time, when done on a regular basis. Set an alarm on your phone so you don't forget and what we like best, if you skip three workouts, your progress resets to zero.


We were introduced to Yogaia by one of our esteemed guest editors, Miisa Mink and we haven't looked back since. Practice yoga at home, live with more than 100 interactive classes for all levels to choose from. As a member, you can turn on your webcam so the teacher can see your moves and give you individual attention. Try Yogaia free for seven days and then membership starts from £7.49 a month.


Gymcube brings the gym and personal trainer into your home, all via your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Choose from a huge number of exercise programmes and workout videos that target different parts of your body. Developed by leading fitness and nutrition experts, with over 38,000 members, this is a no-brainer for those who want to improve fitness in their own time and at home. From £7.95 per month, annual £77.95.


The benefits of walking daily can never be underestimated and for those that enjoy a saunter in the town or countryside, this one is for you. You'll never get lost again with MapMyHike on your phone. There are over 70 million routes to choose from, worldwide, or be bold and make your own hike. The app logs your activity, your food intake and more so that you can be sure that every step counts. Just don't forget to take in the scenery.

Updated January 2018