Digital Distractions

Looking to switch off or be inspired? These are the sites to help you.

Holidays can mean a number of things - you can switch off in entirety, casting aside all devices to enjoy the now. Others might want to use the down time as a means to catching up. Perhaps you've got a novel to finish, a number of articles waiting to be read, or you might have missed a podcast. These are the sites that can help you keep on top of everything or to inspire you, and even might help you switch off. And they have the endorsement of many of our guest editors.


There are more than 200,00 books to download, covering all genres, narrated by some of the world's best actors and authors. Subscribe for £7.99 a month, with a 30-day trial. You never need waste a car journey again.


It's difficult to get away from the brilliance of TED Talks, as it's the place to find experts discoursing on their many and varied chosen subjects. There are playlists or TED's most popular of all time would be a good place to start. Sign up to receive the newsletter and you'll can save talks that you want to watch later. The app has over 2000 talks to choose from, making it a perfect time filler when you're on the move.


Choose programmes from all the BBC's channels, favourites include Desert Island Discs, The Moral Maze, In our Time, Women's Hour. You could organise a whole day around improving your mind listening to these programmes, which are uploaded to the site within half an hour of broadcasting.


The home to independent film. Listen to podcasts on latest releases, either on the blog, via SoundCloud or download via iTunes. If you'd rather watch a film, then check out Curzon Home Cinema with its library of carefully curated film collections covering auteur filmographies, cult classics and cinema gems.


A great way to discover new music. The premise is simple, people like you upload eight favourite tracks, creating millions of playlists to choose from, that you can listen to for free. Like TED, you can explore the playlists by genre, artist, what's trending.


Meditation for modern life in bite size ten minute chunks, teaching you how to unwind. We recommend downloading the app, plug yourself into your smartphone and take some time out.


One of the most popular to-do list platforms, giving order to your lists of things that need your attention. Not very holiday-minded but it might give you peace of mind, knowing that even though you have many tasks to complete, they are all neatly stored on Evernote.

July 2016