Holidays are great, but stressing out about currency converting isn't - so turn to these helpful sites...

Yes it’s almost time for that all important holiday; your bag is packed, your passport is unearthed, but one final thing that’s vital – is currency, where to find it, how much it’s worth and the best site to exchange it. Just to make that holiday all the more special – here's a fly by night tour of the best sites.

XE Currency Tools is always our first port of call when it comes to that all important question: how much is our currency worth at today’s rates? It’s also handy for eBay shopping and any online transactions in other currencies. On top of that, you can exchange money online - it is quite literally a one-stop shop.

The genius boffins behind Money Saving Expert have applied their knowledge to travel currency, and boy have they done themselves proud. The site is the price comparison site for the time pushed traveller. Ahh, that’s just what we needed.

This site deserves a mention for its razor-sharp currency calculator with all the latest add-ons; including graphs, rate tables and monthly averages. If you want the detail around shifting currency rates, X Rates is your best bet.

This handy site does a lot of hard work when it comes to comparing currency providers, and seriously racks up the brownie points on the rates of the leading providers. If you’re off at short notice, this site’s a godsend.

Bastions of the good old price comparison, Money Supermarket have applied their knowledge to the currency exchange market and for a swift and breezy overview of what rates are currently on offer, its USP is an incredible level of detail when it comes to the services on offer.

It may seem obvious but let's not forget that the Google Currency Calculator is one of the best around with up-to-date rates on all manner of global currencies. Just type in the relevant amount into the search facility and a whole rosta of currency options will pop up below. Sharp, quick and easy.


CAXTONfx offers foreign exchange dealing and transfer services for private and corporate clients. Whatever your needs, if you are buying property abroad, relocating overseas or simply need to exchange currency for your business or for travel, the FCA regulated CAXTONfx offers highly competitive exchange rates where you can save money over those rates offered at high street banks. And all this can be done within hours to almost any account in the world.

July 2014