Don't get lost in the crowdsourcing jungle - let The GWG lead the way to the best domains for designers...

The arena of crowdsourcing has reached unparalleled levels in the last few years, and in no niche is this truer than for the designers amongst you. There are just legions of sites popping up like GM modified daisies across the web, proffering endless opportunities of work, work and more work. How do you figure out which ones are the best? Simply take a look at our highly curated list.

Crowdspring is definitely up there with the all time greats. Why? Well, first and foremost, safety is key; full legal contracts, money back guarantees and a community of designers going into five figures, which can’t fail to make you feel comfortable.

Billed as the No.1 Graphic Design marketplace, Design Crowd reaches places others just don’t go. It’s processed over six million pounds worth of designer payments and no wonder, because they’re professionals to the core.

‘All creative’ are the buzzwords at Talent House, and for good reason because the site puts their all into ensuring a top rosta of talent is paired up with those who can facilitate their dreams. Specifically geared at the artists, the collaborations coming out of this elegant well-designed domain could prove to be seriously fruitful.

Another site geared primarily towards graphic designers, ODesk is just the ticket if you want a huge client base to browse through; the site is ‘the largest marketplace for online work’ with a vast number of contractor earnings. The figures speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for a UK based site then 99 Designs should be your first port of call. Last month the site handed out over a million pounds worth of designer payouts, which in a faltering economy isn’t half bad.
April 2013