In honour of the humble cabbie, we've rounded up the best online resources for hailing a licensed cab in record time.

It's become rather prevalent in our minds of late that a whole industry so culturally prevalent to our national identity is in danger of disappearing. The black cab, such a marker of British streets, such a symbol of the unique quirky aesthetic that makes Britain one of the best places to live in the world. The rise of Uber really is threatening to destroy that very fabric, not to mention TFL's staunch apathy in dealing with the issue (please see our Crowdfunder of the Week). In honour of the humble cabbie, we've rounded up the top online resources for you to source a licensed cab in record time.


We interviewed top dog Remo Gerber and ever since we've been watching the little cab icon make its way round the little map on this cute as a button, not to mention seriously efficient app. You can call your driver should you get waylaid and you can even order things you need for delivery. A cab app and a whole lot more.


There was some controversy when Hailo added a minicab fleet to their service, but we can't deny that the app as used by legions of drivers is a welcome addition to any traveller. Select a car of your choice, track it in real time and forget cash. Yes the words that make all and sundry roll their eyes; 'can we stop at a cash point?' Became all but obsolete.


Want to get rewarded for journeys with friends? Want to enjoy an app as developed by a London taxi driver? This simple yet innovative nugget of software offers drivers the chance to become investors and passengers the chance to recoup cash via rewards with cab miles. A real help for help for the regular business traveller.


A 'Maximum Price Guarantee' - did you hear correctly? A glass ceiling on extortionate fares, what could be better? This app monitors vehicle location as well as saving your favourite locations and backing up 30 days worth of data for easy expense filing.


If you're interested in the issues as presented by the mainstream media and would like an insiders view of the disease in the black cab trade, then Taxi Newspaper is the place to go for grassroots editorial from the ground up. Download the latest issue here.

20 January 2016