Best Sites for Buying a Domain

What's in a domain? Everything! Head this way for the best sites out there providing all things domain related...

This week we held our annual Best Website of the Year Awards where only the best sites got to walk home as victors. To be one of them you'll need the whole package - but the starting point is to secure a good secure domain. In light of this requirement, we've rounded up some fantastic sites to help you along your way. Each domain offers a unique feel, great inspiration as well as some seriously groupon inspired special offers, so whether you’re a student who wants to advertise more economically, or perhaps you're more adventurous and want mobile management - whatever your business, the solution is here.

123 Reg

With over 3 million domain names, and 1.4 million websites 123 Reg is the leading domain builder in the U.K. It's a multi award-winning site and it's not hard to see why: they give you your first six months of website hosting free of charge (plenty of time to get your business booming), whilst strapped for cash students need not worry about the cost of hosting, as 123 Reg offers it for only £1 a month. Branching out into the European market? Take your chance with their one-off offer on all EU domains - just 99p for a whole year!


Namesco offers you award-winning hosting with free domain space along with an e-mail address. They also throw in a great range of excellent extensions like free advertising to give you a head start in the market. Namesco is the hosting solution that gives you the ultimate power to create more space for a fast developing business. 

123 Simples

Get all the quality information and start your domain today with confidence. Which type of hosting are you looking for? Hosting for business, custom, personal use etc., well 123 Simples has all the professional advice and facts you need, with added guides on the best possible web design. Their News Blog is a great way to keep in check with everything new in business strategy. This is a great site to get started, and keep you on the straight and narrow.


Easily has a dynamic look and gives you the sense of a successful business in the making - and it's not just looks but brains too. The site helps you maximise online marketing and Google Awords - an efficient way to get your name out there without breaking the bank. The site also offers Linux hosting. Easily is perfectly suited for bloggers, hobbyists and professionals.

1 and 1

1&1 gives you 50% off the first twelve months on all their web hosting packages - so get started! As if that's not enough their dynamic cloud servers give you full root access and fail-safe security. With the help of the site you only need three easy steps to get going - let the clever peeps guide you through the rest! You'll be able to customise your business webpage by picking your sector (out of 120 different ones) and you'll have a myriad of modern layouts and fonts to choose from. The people at 1&1 have also made a great app to help build and tweak your site - so you'll literally have it at your fingertips. 

Get Dotted

With, great freebies such as unlimited addresses, mailboxes and subdomains, you couldn't be better set up to get your online business started. We love the Instant HomePage builder that just makes the whole process so much easier, and we couldn't do without the full DNS control or the free antivirus software. Get started with up to 40% on renewal for your domains, set up free hosting if that's your desire, and join for only £2.99 a year. Suffice to say, your every need is catered for.

November 2012