The gourmet ingredients for the perfect picnic.

Yes the weather may have temporarily dampened our spirits, but we can still rouse some summer enthusiasm with a picnic indoors, or a drive out into the country. Plus we’ve stumbled across some really rather excellent sites to add to our previous list, without further ado here they are…


Another excellent Italian deli that will service your culinary needs all the way into winter, Nife is Life is all about making delicious Italian food accessible. A well designed easy to navigate site replete with drinks, special offers, a catering service, and more beyond, there’s even gluten free options, baby food, hampers, toiletries and more besides.


As chosen by Gordon Ramsay, we have to add our patronage to the list, because Ham Lovers goes way beyond charcuterie. Tapas, paella, wine and accessories, it’s all there in abundance with organic options on the side. A great option for buffets, or garden parties.

Who doesn’t love a cheesecake? We certainly do, but there’s cheesecake and then there’s cheesecake, and this site raises the profile of the humble chilled cake and then some. 213 varieties, parties, birthdays, graduations, the newest addition is the Peanut Butter Brownie Cheesecake.


A final nod back to meat products, we rate Delifarm charcuterie (at the other end of the scale from Serrano) as everything on this site is decidedly UK centric. Air dried proscuitto, salami, there are even Christmas Hampers if you’re really thinking that far ahead.

13 August 2014