This week we've rounded up some of the best sites out there to buy drinks online in the UK.

With Summer (finally) coming, what could be better than a picnic or a barbecue outside?  This week we come to the rescue, with our top selection of best sites to buy drinks online in the UK: beers, wines alongside a myriad of refreshing and tasty non alcoholic beverages to make your social gatherings just perfect.


Beer 52's resident beer experts have visited breweries all around the world, in the search of the most interesting brews they can find, in order to deliver a carefully curated case of craft beers from their favourite microbreweries every month.

When you sign up you receive a monthly delivery of handcrafted beers from the best independent microbreweries around the UK and abroad. The Meet The Brewers' booklet in every box and its online community along with its YouTube Channel, means you get to hear from the people behind the bottles. Beer 52 is also enabling small breweries to develop exciting new beers and lets its members try them first.


There are few who haven't heard of Naked Wines and their seriously efficient delivery service, not to mention exceedingly attractive offers. There's an app, and also notably the angel scheme whereby you invest £20 per month and the company invests in independent wine makers which makes for great savings, not to mention inside information with which you can show off to your friends.

Naked Wines is a great way to fund independent winemakers, and in return get wholesale prices and special offers. There's next day free delivery on orders over £80 (or next day delivery at £4.99 for all other orders). 


Ever wanted to mix your own cocktails? Host the kind of Tom Cruise shakeathon that will really get your guests going? This is where TASTE comes in, a site that thinks outside the box when it comes to the more elegant spectrum of the drinking culture. What is in effect a very clever concept goes the extra mile with subscriptions and some excellent gift options, going where flowers and chocolate just don't.

The cocktail box starts at £29 with free postage and packing and should you be lacking the requisite tools then reach for an equipment kit complete with shaker, jigger, bar spoon and double strainer. Each box provides ingredients for six drinks, recipes for two classics and two variations and a little extra should you wish to taste neat. 


If you're into a healthy lifestyle, or just preparing for your bikini moment why not trying the juice way? Summer is the time to leave bad habits behind and get ready to shine. This is where Feel Good Drinks can give you a hand, helping you dump the lumps in the post festive blues.

The website offers a range of delicious juices all sweetened with naturally occurring fruit sugars and thus, contains no refined sugar nor artificial sweeteners.


At the Juice Shop you will find everything you need for a juicier (and healthier) life. This lively site bursts with energy, encouraging you to get juicing right away with plenty of information on finding the right juicer, recipes and all important nutritional information.

The Juice Producer site carries an extensive range so there's a machine to suit every need from simple hand-powered juicers and citrus presses to more sophisticated machines.

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19 June 2015