With warmer weather motivating gardeners up and down the UK, here is our selection of great sites to get you inspired.


It's standard practice for us when writing about the best gardening sites that we mention two sites that should be on every gardener's horizon. First off is SHOOT (see Newsletter of Note), a gardening site with grand ambitions to become the go-to site for gardeners around the world. This useful resource helps you manage, design and care for your garden. Signing up for Shoot membership will allow you to create plant care calendars (and receive monthly reminders), use the garden design software and become part of an online gardening community. Plus, with an enormous (and ever-growing) database of plants, pests and diseases at your fingertips, those heavy reference books can remain on the shelf.


If you're after knowledge, we highly recommend a gardening course at Learning With Experts, where you can learn with experts. The world’s first virtual gardening school offers a unique global online horticultural classroom where you can study online gardening courses wherever you live in the world. Whether you want to grow organic veg, create enviable flower borders, nurture that perfect lawn, or simply give a good home to an egg laying chicken, this high quality range of gardening courses are taught by some of the world’s top tutors.


Compost is everything to a keen gardener and even if you're short on space, Wiggly Wigglers has compost bins of all sizes and types. This site sells lots of useful bits and pieces that will make your garden more efficient as a habitat - from wildflower seeds and native trees, to those must-have composting systems and nestboxes. Check out the Bokashi composting system, enabling you to compost ALL of your kitchen scraps (meat included) without worrying about vermin or pathogens.


For those in search of a rural idyll, the thought of keeping hens is never too far away. Omlet is the place where you'll find hen coops and houses in funky colours to traditional wooden chicken arks, chicken runs and fencing to keep the roosters out of your flower beds.


You might not have the space in your garden to enjoy sculpture, but we recommend you take a moment to enjoy Andrew Kay's collection of wild animals, from a herd of deer, boxing hares or a solitary, watchful badger. Andrew Kay's semi-abstract metal sculptures of animals are designed to sit within the natural environment.


If you're interested in visiting gardens, this site is a useful directory to over 550 gardens that swing open the garden gate every year. Search by county, or browse gardens by map and you'll also find ideas of accommodation nearby. Alternatively you can search for gardens by type, if you're into Japanese gardening or want to visit an arboretum, Great British Gardens will give you some ideas.


You know you're in expert hands the minute you visit Robinson Garden, a family run business specialising in bespoke garden products. Whether you're after a bespoke birdtable, dovecote or seated arbour, these are the craftsmen that can help. The images speak for themselves, items that are hand-crafted, using quality and sustainable materials and made in the UK.


There comes a time in the gardener's calendar when he needs to put his feet up and enjoy the arcadia he has created. One of ODD's Old Rockers is the perfect place to while away summer evenings. These luxury garden swing seats are made to your bespoke requirements and can be left out all summer.


The Camouflage Company creates beautiful storage solutions for the home, garden, car, office and school. Aiming to provide ‘handbags for the home', the brand's ethos is best described as ‘storage reimagined.' If you've got a barbecue/garden seat that you want to protect or hide, these covers blend perfectly into nature.

Updated May 2018