What on earth is going on? In the grip of a pandemic we need unbiased news more than ever.

No PR spin, no advertising and no corporate agenda – six sites that uphold the lost art of journalism in a time of pandemic.

As the world faces a crisis as serious as the COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing we need is
fake news, PR spin or post-truth politics. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the information that we digest cannot be relied upon; where the manipulation of news for political, corporate or personal agendas is rife; where journalists are vilified, threatened or silenced for exposing corruption, crimes and injustice. In the reporting of the pandemic, even sites that we intrinsically trust have been pulled up over misinformation. It may be an occupational hazard of such a fast-changing situation, and yet there are some sources to whom we can turn for a better representation, with no agenda, of what is happening.

So how do we, as readers, get closer to the truth? While no reporting is entirely without bias, there are still, thankfully, some sources of news and information that work against the grain by undermining traditional media and attempting to reveal hidden truths.

Here are some of our favourites:


Launched in 1998 by the non-profit known Independent Media Institute, this left-leaning U.S website was acquired by Raw Story, an online news organisation in 2018, and continues to take a progressive liberal stance. Tackling stereotypes, prejudice and inequality, it offers fresh insight and perspective on persistent social problems including the environment, human rights, civil liberties, health care.

Democracy Now!

An independent news source founded in 1996, Democracy Now! is entirely audience-supported, which means that its editorial independence is never compromised by corporate or government interests. Offering a unique and sometimes provocative perspective on global events, it brings attention to issues and perspectives rarely covered in the U.S corporate-sponsored media, and has garnered dozens of awards as a result. Watch out for its daily news hour on weekdays.

The Onion

The satirical newspaper parody publication The Onion was founded in 1988. Since its move online in the late 1990s it has become very popular. The Onion takes reality and twists it just enough to reveal the absurdity within the mainstream media. It's clever, extremely funny and hyper-aware, playing on the way the news has become another branch of the entertainment industry.

The Real News Network (TRNN)

No advertising. No government funding. No corporate dollars. Founded in 2007 by the Canadian journalist and filmmaker, Paul Jay, TRNN is a television news and documentary network that focuses on facts and is funded by donations from viewers. Working in opposition to the mainstream media, it gives fresh perspective on social and economic issues (with special focus on the environment) at grass roots level, while acknowledging that it too is affected by bias.

Truth dig

Founded in 2003 by entrepreneur Zuade Kaufman and journalist Robert Sheer, Truthdig is a left-leaning web magazine that explores major ‘digs’, led by authorities in their fields, who conduct original reporting and commentary on contemporary, often controversial topics, such as religion, climate change and immigration to name a few

Off Guardian

Created by former Guardian journalists who became disillusioned by “the increasingly distorted and tendentious news reporting on Libya, the proxy-war in Syria, and the Ukraine Crisis,” Off Guardian believes “in a true free press that (consistently) speaks truth to power” and acts to remind mainstream media (especially The Guardian) of this duty.

More sites that support the journalistic cause:

Consortium News
Human Rights Watch
On Our Radar
21st Century Wire


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Updated March 2020