Best Sites for Art Enthusiasts

The best way to discover new art online is through these outstanding sites...

With the advent of online galleries, and the editorial strength of online art publications, there is an absolute wealth of material available to those of you who wish to broaden your knowledge of the arts. Whether it’s modern works, classical painters or installations worthy of the Turner Prize, these sites will give you the inside scoop.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive online magazine offering all manner of expert commentary (not to mention a genuinely slick side line in fashion and lifestyle) then Blouin should be your first port of call. It’s the go-to guide for those in the art world, with a seriously broad ‘cultural and aesthetic reach’.

New website Art Quid (see our current My Web feature with founder Rudolph), is a recent discovery. The online marketplace where ‘affordable art’ is the buzzword also hosts a community of artists with a social media slant, enabling art discovery, morale and networking at the highest level.

Another start-up that certainly deserves a mention is Vastari (see our current Startup Salon feature), the brainchild of managing director Bernadine Brocker who has put over six years of experience working for the world’s leading art institutions to good use by creating a fantastic resource (and ‘non partisan platform for interaction’) - one that connects private collectors with museums looking to source works the world over. It’s beautifully designed and there are some stunning articles from revered personalities in the art world to peruse as an added extra.


If it’s a search engine you’re after and one that’s entirely dedicated to modern art then look no further, with an exhaustive range of topics you’ll be hard pushed not to find tips on the provenance of works from a huge range of modern artists. For research purposes it’s invaluable.


‘The first art newspaper on the net’ – and it shows, because this is one online publication well ahead of the curve when it comes to all things art related; galleries, artists, museums, photographers (plus Art Daily Videos to boot); it all adds up to a global overview of the art scene. 


Focusing on international exhibitions, Contemporary Art Daily is an online publication that does exactly what it says on the tin. Want to hop from Frankfurt’s Bärbel Grässlin to the Uk’s Tate in a heartbeat? Just keep it bookmarked.

If you like your social media with a healthy soupcon of art attached, then this is your destination domain. it’s the ‘Pinterest of the art world’ and it’s a hell of a lot more pious, a site that makes you feel way less guilty about the amount of time you spend online.


This niche online gallery deserves a mention for its website alone, a veritable work of art, with an iconoclastic interface that highlights the work of artists and illustrators alike. If you want an insight into Janina Joffe the brains behind the site, check out our recent feature.


Art is all about the next generation and no one recognises this more than our current Guest Editor Elinor Osaka. Along with co-founder Isobel Beauchamp, the pair have made it their mission to become the fairy godmothers of those graduating by selling their wares on their much lauded site. Exactly where you want to be if you’re graduating from St Martins or the Royal College of Art.


Artfinder is the work of a diverse group of people with backgrounds in theatre, developing, publishing and the music industry. The team offers digital reproductions of paintings from around the world and originals (one of a kind) along with biographies of the artists and guides to major artistic movements. Collaborating with leading museums and galleries, pioneering arts spaces and publishers that you might not know about, the result is a diverse and ever-growing selection of works of art from trusted and respected partners and artists.


Printed Editions is an online gallery for a brilliant compendium of collectable prints of not only the finest photography but the work of artists represented by the world's leading galleries. Whether you're looking for older works by Durer or Degas, or you're of the more modern persuasion searching out the iconoclastic style of Picasso or Chagall - you'd be hard pushed to leave Printed Editions empty-handed.

ART.COM (or for those of you in the UK) is a website that certainly has the common good to mind with its mission to bring an exhaustive list of artists right to your living room wall in the form of ‘easy to access’ images. If you can’t afford the real thing and don’t mind an imitation of Van Gogh’s sunflowers or Monet’s lilies, will get you one step closer to the work itself. There are also some revered modern artists to hand on their database.

July 2013.