If you don't need another toaster, kettle or chopping board, why not try an alternative wedding list?

The average age that people get married in the UK is rising all the time. Most people tie the knot these days in their thirties and are usually well furnished by then with the toaster, kettle and other household items found on conventional wedding lists. It is for this reason that an alternative wedding list, via which guests can contribute to a piece of art, your honeymoon, the wine for your wedding, a charity of your choosing or goodies for your garden, is often the answer. Here are some of our favourites.


Whether you are looking for wine to serve on the big day itself or for an unusual wedding list, Private Cellar wants to hear from you. Their friendly team is flowing with advice about the best wines to suit your budget and tastes. If you go for it as a wedding-list provider, your guests can purchase your chosen wines by the bottle or case and you can start collecting a wine cellar for your future. Private Cellar will help you build up your dream list and collate your wedding gifts in your own personal reserve account, which you can draw from as the wines mature. Or they can arrange for all of your wine to be delivered when you return from your honeymoon. That’s one way to banish the post-holiday blues!


This clever platform allows wedding guests to come together online to fund gifts or experiences that are truly valuable to the happy couple. They say: “Whether it’s a piece of art, a DIY project or your honeymoon, with Patchwork you show friends and family the one thing you really want and together they help make it happen.” You can either choose one of their wedding list templates, and customise it, or create your own from scratch. Over 75,000 happy customers have used Patchwork, which, says The Telegraph, is “leading the trend for collaborative wedding funding”. A particularly appealing element is that you don’t have to ask for cold, hard cash contributions, you can ask people to donate their time or expertise, too.


You may be sorted with on the toaster and kettle front but what of the garden? With Petersham Nurseries Wedding List, you can ask for exquisite things for your home and garden as well as all the plants your borders could possibly need. Everything they do at Petersham Nurseries, they do beautifully – and their personalised and dedicated wedding-list service is no exception.


Zankyou’s service allows your friends and family to contribute cash towards any of the items on your list. You create the list, which can include anything from dinner in a restaurant to plane tickets to suitcases to boat trips to diving lessons to donations to a charity (or all of the above). Then you share the list with your guests, they choose what they’d like to contribute to and send the cash to your Zankyou account. You can then transfer the money directly to your bank account and spend it on whatever you want. You can also send your thank-yous directly from your mobile and download a breakdown of the contributions received. Unromantic? Maybe. Efficient and guaranteed to please the happy couple? Definitely.


Registering with Rise Art is a brilliant way to allow guests to celebrate you and your nuptials. Their expert curators will help you put together a collection of art from emerging and established contemporary artists that you will love for a lifetime. They’ll create a beautiful web page that showcases your collection for your guests to peruse. The guests will have the option to contribute to a specific work of art or to contribute to your art fund with a voucher of any denomination.


The multi-award winning gift list site, Prezola has thought outside the box when it comes to wedding gifting. There is a comprehensive directory of 50,000 products from which you can create a traditional gift list. Or, and this is the cool bit, you can ask friends and family to chip in on a “group gift”. There is a honeymoon pot that guests can add to and a social gifting option, in which loved ones can pledge to give their time (perhaps to babysit, volunteer at your favourite charity or even help with some DIY). The latter seems a particularly thoughtful alternative to monetary gifts and will create memories in a way that a butter dish never will.


Grays Antiques is a consortium of over 200 antiques dealers, in the heart of Mayfair, which offers a glittering array of ceramics, silverware, china, Asian and Islamic antiques and a diverse cross-section from glassware to silver cocktail shakers. Wedding lists here have everything from vintage frocks and 1960s lights to jewellery and antiquities. Each wedding service is tailor-made to suit the couple’s requirements. Get in touch by phone or email (details on the site) to discuss your ideas.

Updated August 2020

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