This week we have trawled the web to find the best people out there to help make your travel dreams happen.

There are so many ways to explore the world, so many things to see and do and adventures to be had, so we have trawled the web to find the best people out there to help make your travel dreams happen. These are the companies with the knowhow to provide you with the exhilaration of adventure and the intoxication of the new.


The Flashpack specifically design trips for small groups of 30-40 year olds looking for adventure, friendships and amazing experiences. Offering trips to Chile, Cuba, Iceland, Myanmar and many more places besides, this is backpacking with a luxury, more mature edge.


Taking clients to the most geographically extreme locations the world has to offer, Epic Tomato is an expedition led tour operator from the Black Tomato Group. Adventurers can take on jungle, mountainous, desert or polar regions, some of which are ‘world first’ trips; places never before visited by leisure travelers.


This award winning travel company is all about exploration and adventure. Specialists in opening up new routes to travellers, Wild Frontiers are often the first tour operator to return to places that have vanished from the tourist map. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Kashmir, Georgia - all of these countries are rich in culture, adventure and beauty - and available to discerning travellers thanks to Wild Frontiers. The ethos of the company is personal and bespoke, with a team that is committed to authentic, adventurous travel.


Set up in 2014 by British travel writer, Oli Broom, the Slow Cyclist offers tailor-made cycling holidays in Rwanda and in Transylvania. Oli spent two years living in Rwanda and knows it like the back of his hand. He and his wife have just relocated to Transylvania for the summer, where they are running. If you like to adventure in a leisurely fashion through beautiful, tranquil environments, then this is the tour operator for you.


For some reason, we Brits often overlook the American road trip. Strange, because the USA really has got it ALL. All weathers, all terrains and vast areas of wilderness, just waiting to be explored. Sam Highley (who is British, but lives in LA) spotted the gap in the market and has spent the past couple of years travelling throughout the States to find the best hotels, the most knowledgeable guides and those insider experiences that you wouldn’t get without a little help.


The independently spirited traveler will love the ethos of Iceland Expeditions, who are open to spontaneity (unusual in a travel company, where itinerary is everything) and a little Icelandic craziness. The hour long Storm Hike, for instance, where you get to experience a fun, guided hike through an Icelandic storm; definitely one for the thrillseekers among us!

May 2016