The public now have the opportunity to voice their opinions on their favourite site or app and vote for them.

It was Siobhan Freegard, founder of Netmums, who coined The GWG Awards as The X-Factor for websites. With this mind, the People's Choice category gives the public the opportunity to give the thumbs up to favourite sites.


In the past, it's been only shortlisted sites that have been able to take part in this part of our Awards. In 2015, we decided to throw the net wide open and allow any website or app to enter the People's Choice as some enterprises might prefer their customers, clients and fans to do the talking and vote for them. We appreciate that not all businesses want to submit their websites for the scrutiny of the judges and this new category addresses this.


Enter your site or app following the links on the entry page. Entries close for this category at midnight on 25th September. Entrants will be sent a unique url and badge for voting purposes, which they can display on their sites/social media profiles from a specified date when voting commences.


During the voting period, The GWG will publish a leaderboard and promote the challenge via social media. Collectively, we aim to make as much noise about this as we can. Follow hashtags #gwgawards and #gwgawardspc to keep updated on all the latest news.

Voting ends on a date to be confirmed.

June 2016