A unique adjustable height sit or stand desk, changing the way we work in offices and at home.

Pitch us the concept... Allowing workers to easily adjust the height of their monitor and keyboard, VARIDESK gives people the freedom to switch between standing and sitting throughout the day. As well as reducing the negative impacts of prolonged sitting, introducing standing periods to a working day results in improved blood circulation which increases levels of energy, concentration and productivity.

Previously, height adjustable desks have been out of the price range of most people. With Varidesk retailing at £275 and being set up within minutes of delivery, we believe we’ve got a product that can radically change the working lives of hundreds of thousands of people that were previously unable to justify the previous large cost.

We came up with the idea when... My business partner first saw an early prototype in China and recognised the potential of having an affordable solution to what was becoming an increasingly visible problem in the workplace and for home workers too – ie upwards of eight hours minimum a day slumped on a chair. With the nearest competitor's height adjustable desks with prices starting at £800 – well beyond the price range of most average workers – its ability to radically improve the working environment, without breaking the bank, made it a really exciting product.

The biggest challenge is... Getting the fact that there is now an affordable solution on the market out to the wider public. The large corporations are already aware of their responsibility to safeguard the overall wellbeing of their staff but more and more individuals are now seeing the health benefits of reducing seating hours and avoiding what’s popularly being termed ‘sitting diseases’ (ie weight gain, increased risk of heart disease and strokes etc). The more people know about the affordable benefits of our desks, then the more people will benefit from them.

The average day is spent... Processing sales orders! We’re getting out around 20 -30 desks a day now and when we’re not chasing our manufacturer to see when our next shipment is arriving, we're all busy getting them out of the door! Standing up as we process the sales orders, of course!

The team consists of... My business partner, Rob Laughton who discovered the product, our Sales Manager, Caren, who oversees the smooth running of the orders and deliveries and Mark, our warehouse manager who solves the logistic problems of getting orders out and delivered within a 24 hour time slot!

Our USP is... The affordability. Our nearest competitor is charging around £800 per desk – with most height adjustable desks being priced around the £1200 mark – which makes it almost impossible for the home worker to afford.

In five years we’d like to be... A recognised name in our own right and getting a significant proportion of the UK population standing!

Our biggest mistake and what it taught us... Twice we’ve been caught short and run out of stock – with a shipment of 400 desks selling out within weeks. We’ve now got a chain of shipments lined up so we don’t lose the massive impetus which we're currently enjoying.

The most rewarding experience we’ve had to date... Our own office of 15 people all use Varidesks – and getting their feedback has been really encouraging. Using the desks personally has proved to me it's not a flash in the pan or a health gimmick – but something you can dovetail into your existing working day and immediately feel the health benefits – and we want to spread the word and spread the benefits.

March 2014